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5 Halloween Candies Everyone Pretends to Hate But Secretly Loves


You know it's fall when you feel the crispness in the air, you get the urge to go apple picking and you can finally break out your sweaters. But, more importantly, it's the time of year when convenience stores start stocking up on all your favorite Halloween candy. While your friends may pretend they don't secretly hoard all of this themed candy when it goes on the shelves, you know you love it.

1. Candy Corn

What people say:"Gross, it tastes like wax and leaves this weird flavor in my mouth."

What people think:"Can this please count as an actual vegetable?!

2. Wax Fangs

What people say:"Who even came up with this weird stuff? I have teeth, and I have candy. They are separate."

What people think:"I have never looked cooler in my life."

3. Gummy Pumpkins

What people say:"Can't we just get gummy bears?"

What people think:"Where have these been for the past 11 months?!"

4. Halloween Peeps

What people say:"Marshmallows are gross unless they're in s'mores."

What people think:"Thank goodness these don't sell out."

5. PEZ

What people say:"These taste like chalk!"

What people think:"Why have I never tried chalk?"

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