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5 Drugstore Beauty Products for Last-Minute Halloween Costumes


We're mere days away from Halloween, and even with all the last-minute costume ideas, sometimes you end up finding yourself in a situation where last minute isn't good enough—so let's talk about last second. It's the night of Halloween, and you already turned your LBD into a costume last weekend, so what's a girl to do? Since you're already running to the store to pick up candy, we've pulled together five beauty products you can pick up in any drugstore aisle that'll create elaborate looks—on the cheap. Check them out below—and you're welcome.

Black Eyeliner

Probably the most adaptable, universally-used makeup product is black eyeliner. This year, Maybelline could not have timed their new addition to the Color Tattoo family any better. The amazing longwear formula just got amped up with a leather finish, which means you now have the perfect product to draw a cool batwoman or catwoman mask. Grab that eyeliner brush—it's time to get to work.

Try: Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR Leather in Dramatic Black, $6.99, walgreens.com









Temporary Tattoos

This Halloween, why not join the circus troupe as The Tattooed Lady? I was inspired by the look Liu Wen rocked for the Victoria's Secret Fashion show last year, so enlist a friend to help apply your new body ink and hit the town! You can either get temporary tattoos that you apply with a wet towel or have fun with stencils and cool patterns. 

Try: Shimmer Glitter Tattoos, $9.99, walgreens.com









Cream Bronzer

If you're a bit of a cat lady like I am, you've definitely thought of being part of the cat family for Halloween. A creamy blendable bronzer like this one from Sonia Kashuk is perfect for creating that tawny fur-colored look. That black eyeliner that I was talking about early? It'll come in handy again when you're drawing your whiskers and nose!

Try: Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Creme Bronzer, $10.99, target.com









White Eyeliner

This awesome beauty staple isn't just for making you look bright-eyed and wide awake. Channel Roy Lichtenstein and his comic book-inspired women by using your white eyeliner as Ben-Day dots, and grab that black gel liner to create graphic outlines for this fun makeup look. You can even get sassy and draw yourself a little speech bubble—mine is going to say, "more candy?"

Try: NYX Slide On Pencil in Pure White, $7.99, target.com









False Eyelashes

This cute doll look is ridiculously easy: Lashes, cheeks, and lips. Reach for the self-adhesive kind to avoid the mess of lash glue (especially since you'll be doing these on your lower lashes). Get ready to bat your lashes and flash a smile or two (bonus points if you have dimples).

Try: Eylure Pre Glued Eyelashes, $5.99, walgreens.com









What's your Halloween look this year, collegiettes?

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