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26 Reasons to Have a New Year’s Kiss


As New Year’s Eve approaches, it’s the first thought that pops into every girl’s head: “Who will I kiss when the clock strikes midnight?” The age-old tradition of a New Year’s kiss brings couples closer together or allows single people everywhere to escape loneliness for the New Year. Whether you’re ringing in 2014 with a longtime boyfriend or hitting up a party with your single friends, New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportunity for spontaneous romance! Here are a few reasons why it’s fun to have a New Year’s kiss.

1. You can set a positive (and romantic!) tone for 2014.

2. You can score a cute picture for Instagram.

3. You can finally make a move on the guy you like.

4. You can feel like the star of your own personal rom-com.

5. You can forget about the hard year you’ve had.

6. You can have a great story to tell later.

7. You can strengthen the bond between you and your significant other.

8. You can escape the superstition of loneliness for the New Year.

9. You can put your new lipstick to use.

10. You can feel like your cute outfit is being appreciated.

11. You can stop complaining about being forever alone.

12. You can get away from the snack table.

13. You can have someone to warm you up in the cold.

14. You can tune out the blaring television and music playing.

15. You can forget that you weren’t kissed under the mistletoe this Christmas.

16. You can feel spontaneous.

17. You can pretend to be Gabriella and Troy from High School Musical.

18. You can pretend to be Marissa and Ryan from The O.C.

19. You can burn calories.

20. You can try to break the world’s longest kiss record of 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds (but don’t blame us if your host gets annoyed).

21. You can boost your self-esteem.

22. You can end a boring conversation.

23. You can reassure yourself that you are a good kisser.

24. You can make your friends jealous.

25. You can make your ex-boyfriend jealous.

26. You can say goodbye to 2013.

Why are you excited to get a New Year’s kiss this year, collegiettes? Let us know in the comments below!

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