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17 Sexy Halloween Costumes for 2014


If you love to show a little skin on Halloween, here’s your go-to list of ideas for keeping your seductive edge this year. Whether you choose a tried-and-true, stereotypical costume with a new twist or a costume that's classy with a hint of allure, get ready to turn heads this fall!

1. SWAT Team

Dressing up as a police officer is pretty overdone, so take it to the next level and be a badass SWAT team member. Wear all black, add some high boots and criss-cross black belts around your hips. Get a cute white T-shirt (perhaps under a black jacket or vest) and draw “SWAT” across the chest. Add a Nerf or Airsoft gun, and you’re ready for action!

2. Rebel Angel

You don’t have to choose between wings or horns! Be the best of both by dressing as an angel who joined the “dark side,” so to speak. You can decide how much angel and how much devil to add to this costume. Dress in a classic white dress but add a studded belt and heavy makeup, or wear a slinky red or black dress with some wings and a halo!

3. 1920s Flapper

Channel The Great Gatsby in this classic and classy outfit! Your best bet is to check out a local thrift store for a vintage dress. The necessary accessories to complete this ensemble are layers of pearls, a thin-brimmed hat adorned with a brooch or flowers and some comfortable, low heels for dancing like it’s the Jazz Age.

4. Librarian

An argyle sweater with a short skirt and heels? A plaid skirt with a thin, airy blouse? The sexy librarian is at the juxtaposition of nerdy and mysterious. Make geek chic with some classy frames, a simple but classy pencil skirt and some “a-little-too-high” heels. You can carry a book or two with your clutch to complete the look.

5. Huntress

Channel your inner Katniss Everdeen just in time for the upcoming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 release with a sexy huntress costume. Pair a hooded capelet with a pair of high-heeled boots, tights and a simple dress. Don't forget to complete the look with your bow and arrow!

6. Goddess

Be better than the toga. Take the overdone goddess look and try something more original. Instead of the classic unnamed Roman goddess decked out in white, do your research and pick a specific deity to embody. Explore Celtic, Norse and Hindu mythology. Be Freyja, the Norse goddess of love, or Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of luck. For her Halloween party in 2008, Victoria’s Secret model Heidi Klum went all out for her costume, transforming herself into the 10-armed goddess of death, Kali. It was a frightening look, but she rocked it!

7. Cavewoman

Use The Flintstones as inspiration for a sexy cavewoman look. Shred the hem of your old leopard-print dress to create that tattered, prehistoric look. Pair it with a fuzzy vest, a club, and even a bone necklace and you'll be ready to (bed)rock! 

8. Girl Scout

You're never too old for Girl Scout cookies. Pair a green jumper with a white T-shirt and tights, and add a sash, a green cap and a neckerchief to complete the look. Bring along some Thin Mints if you're looking to make some new friends, too. 

9. Convict

Haven't you heard that orange is the new black? Get an old orange dress and paint the word "Guilty" on the back. Complete the look with some handcuffs, a pair of black boots and your own personal placard. Get ready to take some mug shots! 

10. Madonna

We don’t mean Madonna today, we mean this Madonna of the 1980s. The music video for “Like a Virgin” is chock-full of trademark Madonna fashion, from the black cutout dress paired with bright blue leather leggings to the over-the-top lacy white bridal gown.



Get artsy this Halloween. Buy a plain white tank and a matching white baseball cap to splatter with different colors of paint. Pair the two with some jean shorts, suspenders and your paint-splattered brush to carry around for the night. Instant work of art! 

12. Lioness

Possibly the most overdone sexy costume, the cat costume can vary from latex-clad Catwoman to furry ears and a tail. If you want to be an animal, dress up as a tiger and be a sexy Hobbes!

13. Disney Heroines

There are so many to choose from, yet the classic princesses like Cinderella and Belle tend to be done more for Halloween. It’s a shame, because some of the non-princess Disney heroinesm like Megara from Hercules and Wendy from Peter Pan, are just as sexy, if not more so! Instead of being the 50th collegiette dressed as Jasmine, layer yourself in bright colors and scarves and bring the gypsy flair of Esmeralda, or don a slinky purple dress and channel your inner Megara.

14. Victoria's Secret Angel

If you’re not comfortable heading out the door in just lingerie (and we don’t blame you!), opt for the slightly tamer but still-sexy VS angel robe costume. All you need is a lacy black bra and a pink silk robe. Loosen the robe so your bra peeks through a bit, and don’t forget those signature Victoria’s Secret beachy waves! The best part? You can totally pair this look with flip-flops!

15. “Trashy”

Make yourself a dress out of a trash bag. All you need is a pair of scissors!

16. Franzia

Go as everyone’s favorite affordable beverage by rocking a plastic “bag of wine” mini skirt and wearing a dress underneath in the color of your favorite Franzia flavor. Bonus points for carrying around actual Franzia all night!

17. Hot Sauce

Get a few of your best girlfriends together and go as different types of hot sauce (mild, hot and fire). All you need is a minidress in yellow, orange or red and some felt letters. Add some flirty sayings, and you’re good to go!

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