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Heidi Klum's 8 Craziest Halloween Costumes


Though Halloween may be the one night a year that we can get away with simply accessorizing lingerie with animal ears, former Victoria's Secret model and Queen of Halloween Heidi Klum is known to go the extra mile with her elaborate getups.  From scary and spooky to straight-up kooky, here are Heidi Klum’s eight craziest Halloween costumes.

1. Lady Godiva, 2001

Klum arrived at her 2001 party on horseback in a floor-length wig as the famousy nude Lady Godiva.

2. Witch, 2004

Klum’s creative take on the classic witch costume involved an all-red ensemble and a skeleton on piggyback.

3. Vampire, 2005

In a light-up corset, custom-made fangs and a cobweb cape, Klum killed it as a vampire at her sixth annual Halloween bash.

4. Forbidden Fruit, 2006

Refusing to let pregnancy stop her from going all out at her 2006 Halloween bash, Klum hid her baby bump in her Garden of Eden forbidden fruit getup. 

5. Hindu Goddess, 2008

Klum’s most controversial costume was when she dressed up as the Hindu Goddess Kali.  Her portrayal of the benevolent deity with vampire fangs and a bloody skirt upset Hindu leaders.

6. Crow, 2009

Feathered and fabulous, Klum attended her 10th annual Halloween event in an elaborate crow costume.

7. Alien Transformer, 2010

At eight feet tall, Klum towered over her guests at her 2010 Halloween Party at Lavo in NYC.

8. "Visible Woman," 2011

Klum's anatomy-inspired ensemble involved a body suit painted with muscles, veins and tendons, and was completed with an entrance on a stretcher at the Tao Nightclub in Vegas.

9. Old Lady, 2013

Even while wearing a gray wig, serious prosthetic spide veins and some mega-detailed wrinkles, Klum still looks amazing in this crazy-elaborate getup.


Klum will be holding her 15th annual Halloween event this year, and we're sure the Halloween Queen will blow us away yet again!

What do you think Heidi Klum will dress up as this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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