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7 Celeb Kids Who Have Better Style Than We Do


We like to think that by college, there are a few things that we have down—how to survive an all-nighter, how to flirt (properly) with that cute guy in your econ lecture and of course, how to dress—well. But when studying takes over your life and you've survived one too many all-nighters, that oversized sweatshirt starts to look pretty good... and especially since you just got through midterms, your style game has taken a little bit of a hit. To give you a little mid-semester boost, we've put together a list of kids (yes, kids) who probably dress better than you do—how's that for inspiration?

1. Honor Warren (Jessica Alba and Cash Warren)

Honor's style is a great mixture of ultra-girly and a little rough and edgy. One of her most classic looks is a skirt or dress with leggings and a sneaker or boot. The hybrid style that she rocks always has a bohemian vibe (like mother like daughter, right?) and is obviously super easy and comfy. To get Honor's look, pair a mini skirt with some knit tights and a pair of sneakers. Add a chambray shirt on top to keep the outfit casual. 

2. Mason Disick (Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick)

Mason dresses like a mini-Scott with his super gentlemanly wardrobe. He rocks high fashion designers like Burberry on the reg and has an array of collared shirts... we're going to guess most of them are custom-made, like this monogrammed version here. Want Mason's look? Start off with a Burberry button down shirt, pair that with some white denim and a luxe pair of velvet loafers. 

3. Suri Cruise (Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise)

This little lady has been on the forefront of fashion since she was a mere babe (she still is). Bloggers and photographers have been closely following her since day 1, allowing us (her loyal fans) to see her style evolve as she grows up. Suri loves to look super girly and wear bright colors, and she isn't afraid to try crazy prints and combos! She's rocked all-pink outfits many times and looked killer in all of them. To copy one of Suri's wintery look, start off with a girlie dress in any color. Add a pair of colorful tights along with some short boots. Top it all off with a fabulous fur coat, and you'll be turning heads—maybe even Suri's!

4. Skyler Berman (Rachel Zoe and Roger Berman)

Skyler's style can be summed up as "Parisian rocker chic." His effortless basics, always paired with amazing accessories, and his luscious locks give him a cool-guy vibe that most have a hard time pulling off. The first thing you'll need to copy Skyler's style is a classic striped shirt with a bit of a boat neck. Pair that with some relaxed jeans, a pair of canvas sneakers, and an adorable hat to top it all off. 

5. Willow Smith (Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith)

Willow's style is a mix between rocker and grunge—without ever looking sloppy. Her outfits, which often consist of several layers of clothing in all different colors, always look carefully planned out. To look like Willow, go for an outfit with lots of layers and patterns. Start with a cool graphic tee and some black skinny jeans. Time to add on the layers: get a flannel that pulls colors from the tee shirt and put that on under an oversized denim jacket. Throw on some chunky ankle boots and a 90s-esque choker, and you'll be all set!

6. Arlo Weiner (Linda Brettler and Matthew Weiner)

Years ago, GQ named him "America's most stylish eight year old." Flash forward 5 years and he's still dressing to the nines like he was back then. Drawing inspiration from Willy Wonka (from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) and other fictional characters like Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde, his whimsical style makes him look like he came right out of a storybook. Use his look as a jumping off point for your own menswear-inspired look! Try a pair of cropped trousers with a front-tucked crisp button-down shirt. Throw on an oversized blazer and some loafers and you just might be giving Arlo a run for his money. 

7. Blue Ivy Carter (Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z)

Blue Ivy loves her black and white. She has pretty trendy taste for such a little tot, but when your parents are Beyoncé and Jay-Z, it's hard to not be the best dressed kid on the block. To get Blue Ivy's super duper cool rocker look, throw on any basic white tee and a pair of super skinny jeans. Pair that with a unique leather jacket (if you can't get a personalized one, try a jacket in a different color, or one covered in patches from a vintage shop). Finish the look off with a cool pair of statement sneakers or boots to keep the outfit looking like something an off-duty rock star would wear. Don't forget a pair of sunglasses to keep the camera flashes from blinding you. 

Now that we've brought you some major style inspo from these pint-sized fashionistas, it's your turn, collegiettes—whose look are you coveting?

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