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10 Celebrities Who Rock Short Bangs Better than Beyoncé


We've all seen the snaps by now—never one to hide from controversy, Beyoncé (or was it Blue Ivy's handiwork?) recently chopped her locks a little more than we thought was wise, debuting a look we never expected to see on her: short and blunt bangs.

Dear Bey, you are a queen of many things, but... not these bangs. Short bangs can be a cute tribute to the pin-up look, but only if they suit your personal style and work with your face shape. Naturally, our first thought was, "If Beyoncé can't wear short bangs, then nobody can!" But if you felt the same way, you're wrong—we've rounded up 10 stunning celebs who pull the look off way better than Bey does. Sorry, Bey.

1. Audrey Hepburn

Audrey was so ahead of the curve, even way back when! She makes the short bangs and 'do work with bold brows and a classic feminine look.

2. Penelope Cruz

We love the way her choppy bangs accentuate her well-shaped brows and crisp, clean eye makeup!

3. Michelle Williams

Afraid to try the short bangs look? Take a page from Michelle's book and wear them brushed to the side—they're less choppy and a little more subtle. Plus, they frame her face perfectly!

4. Krysten Ritter

This look is the definition of rocker-chic—the short bangs up the edge, but they're made glamorous with wavy hair, a gold sequined number and of course, Krysten's signature red lips.

5. Christina Aguilera

The ultra-short and wispy bangs are an unexpected touch to the sleek long hair, and with Christina's overall cool-girl vibe, we totally approve.

6. Rashida Jones

Full-out blunt or pushed to the side, short bangs can be worn in so many different ways—especually with Rashida's heart-shaped face.

7. Katy Perry

As someone who often pays homage to pin-up style, Katy is the ultimate celeb to rock this look. With the cat-eye liner and bold lips, she looks like she's walk right out of the 1940's.

8. Sophie Amoruso

This Nasty Gal-er is the poster child for how to wear short bangs! Paired with a choppy long bob and casually tousled waves throughout, these look totally embodies Sophie's edgy style.

9. Rooney Mara

Super-short bangs can look totally elegant, too, as evidenced by Rooney's red carpet look. With slicked back, wet-'do look, this chic style really makes her facial features that much more striking.

10. Betty Page

Last but not least, we need to pay tribute to the spectacular Betty! How could we leave out the icon who made the short bangs popular in the first place?


What do you collegiettes think of Beyoncé's latest cut? And which celeb wore it best?

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