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What Halloween is Like in College


There are few holidays a collegiette loves more than Halloween. 

You may be too old for the days of trick-or-treating,

but the new treat has become deciding what you’re going to dress up as each year. 

Once October rolls around, you start brainstorming ideas for your costumes.

Halloween used to last for just one night,

but in college, Halloween becomes a weekend-long event, which means several different costumes. 

You and your friends might plan some group costume you can all dress up as together…

…or you might find it easier to just come up with some solo costumes. 

At first you have trouble coming up with ideas…

…but once you decide on that perfect costume, you become determined to not tell anyone about it until October 31st.  

When you first start college, you’re all about making your look as sexy as possible,

even if your outfit is barely an excuse for a costume.

Other people may judge you…

…but you won’t let it faze you. 

However, as you grow older, you may start to see the appeal of a more conservative approach. 

Maybe you’ll decide you want to have a really clever costume,

or perhaps you’ll decide this year that you don’t even care if your costume makes you look good or not.  

As the big weekend approaches, you start making your party plans. 

That first night, you pull out all the stops to make sure your costume is flawless. 

The only things that could possibly put a damper on your night are having someone not understand your costume…

…and seeing other girls who have the same costume as you. 

You may lose half your accessories, but all in all, the first night goes off without a hitch.

As the weekend continues, you get progressively lazier with your costumes…

…and by the end of the weekend, it’s a miracle that you make it out at all. 

But somehow you survive Halloweekend! 

And then it’s time to start planning your costumes for next year.

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