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5 Halloween Costumes That Are SO Last Year & What to Wear Instead


Some Halloween costumes are timeless. Many are not. Don't get caught wearing a passé Halloween costume this year - what's Miley Cyrus doing now, anyway? Check out HC's suggestions for what to wear (and what not to wear!) on Halloween this year!

1. Last Year: Miley Cyrus

This Year: Nicki Minaj

Last year's Miley drama is definitely over - no one is even thinking about the "Wrecking Ball" video since "Anaconda" came out. Channel your inner Nicki - strong, fab and fearless - with a sparkly green outfit and some shiny black sneakers. Bring a stuffed snake with you when you go out, and you'll be the hit of every party. Or, for a different look, check out Nicki's pink giraffe costume.

2. Last Year: Despicable Me minions

This Year:Frozen characters

Unfortunately for Gru, it may be time to say "Let It Go" to the minion costumes and dress as characters from our new favorite animated movie, Frozen. Try this amazing Elsa costume and get ready for a lot of people to break out in song when they see you.

3. Last Year: Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

This Year: Tris from Divergent

We know you still channel your inner Katniss when you have to study for a particularly hard test or are in the middle of an intense workout, but we have a more recent female heroine. It doesn't hurt that Tris has great style, too - check out this jacket!

4. Last Year: Walter White from Breaking Bad

This Year: Piper from Orange Is the New Black

We loved Breaking Bad, but Walter White has to step aside, because we have a new favorite criminal: Piper Chapman. With a simple but instantly recognizable costume, you'll have a great time at your Halloween parties (and be pretty comfortable, too!).

5. Last Year: Kim Kardashian

This Year: North West

The Kardashians are undoubtedly reality TV legends, but you can really renew this idea by grabbing a friend and dressing up as Kim and North. Get out the pacifier and the Gucci, because the Kardashians trick-or-treat in style. You can also take this literally and dress yourself up as a compass pointing northwest. The options are endless!

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