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5 Celebrity Halloween Costume Ideas


If you're still trying to find that perfect Halloween costume, we have a solution for you: Go as your favorite celeb! No matter whom you pick, you’ll definitely feel glam. Plus, putting together the costume will definitely be fun.

1. Beyoncé

If you go as Queen Bey for Halloween, you’ll have an excuse to make everyone bow down. To channel her diva look, use a curling iron to make those huge, bouncy waves she often rocks. Opt for a smoky eye and shimmery lip gloss to go with it. For your outfit, wear a jumpsuit or romper that will show some leg. To complete the ensemble, slip on some metallic heels and add a flashy necklace.

2. Cara Delevingne

When it comes to dressing up as this English supermodel, it’s all about the makeup. Between her amazing eyebrows and her always-perfect makeup, make sure you nail her look! Dark eyeliner or any eye shadow will suffice to get her thick, dark eyebrows. For your outfit, pair a beanie and a moto jacket with a distressed pair of jeans.

3. Taylor Swift

Consider your goal to be dressed to the nines if you go as pop sensation Taylor Swift this Halloween! Taylor is known for always looking classy, even after leaving the gym, so try a feminine skater dress and a dainty purse. Don’t forget a pair of wayfarer-style sunglasses and a bright red lip!

4. Angelina Jolie at her wedding

Angelina Jolie never ceases to amaze us, but when we saw that her wedding gown was covered in her kids’ drawings, our jaws dropped. Her wedding dress will also make a great Halloween costume! You can make your “gown” out of a white maxi dress you already own, or you can buy a costume gown and veil. Doodle on it with paint, markers, glitter, you name it!

5. Kendall Jenner

With her recent modeling gigs at Paris and Milan Fashion Week, Kendall Jenner sure has been stealing the spotlight from her sisters. To emulate her modeling look, part your hair in the middle and either leave your hair down or high up in a pony. To complete the costume, pick out your trendiest outfit - a high-low skirt, a crop top and some clunky platforms would work. To finish the look, emulate her model pout.

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