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10 Adorable Couples Costumes for Halloween 2014


From music superstars to movie icons, this year has been packed with power couples. And what’s a better way to bond with your SO than to coordinate a couples costume? Check out HC’s suggestions of awesome couples who made headlines this year and tips to get their looks.

1. Beyoncé and Jay Z

Who wouldn’t want to dress up like Queen Bey and be a part the most famous power couple of the year? With their joint tour, this couple has taken on the music scene by storm. But don’t be intimidated by their ***flawless  style; pulling off a Yoncé and Jay look is easier than you think!

Ladies, rock a plain black leotard (long-sleeved preferable) with super glam makeup and natural, beachy waves. Have your SO wear a black blazer, white T-shirt, sunglasses and a beanie. Add a gold chain for the full look. Then, when you walk into a Halloween party, you can say you woke up like dis.

2. Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling (and Their Daughter!)

We know you’re still sad about this relationship (Ryan is off the market forever), but if you personify Eva and your man takes on Gosling’s look, it might ease your heartache.

While this couple makes red-carpet appearances in glamorous attire (which is hard to copy), they’re also featured in tabloids as down to earth and casual. To get Eva’s effortlessly comfy yet stylish look, pair a loose blouse with your favorite pair of jeans. Cuff the bottoms and wear ankle booties (if you have them) or flats. This is the perfect time to try out a cat eye for your eyeliner and an excuse to wear a high pony out.

To match Ryan’s look, your SO needs a pair of jeans, a white T-shirt, a flannel and, of course, aviator sunglasses. Bonus points if you carry around a baby doll to represent their newborn daughter!

3. Will and Kate (and Prince George!)

You will royally rock this Halloween if you decide to dress up like the most regal couple of our time.  As if we didn’t envy Kate enough already, she looked absolutely flawless post childbirth with Prince George. Kate and Will’s first debut with George was a highlight of 2013, and luckily a look that’s easy to pull off!

Before you retire all of your sundresses for the season, save one that’s blue and white for looking like Kate. Long, wavy hair is a must with natural makeup. For Will, your guy will need a blue button-down and khakis, aka the classic new dad look. Find a baby doll and a white blanket for George and practice your queen wave, because people will be hailing you all night.

4. Claire and Frank from House of Cards

With its long list of awards, House of Cards is probably one of the most well-known shows on Netflix.  If politics is you and your SO’s thing, Claire and Frank are the perfect people to dress up as. To pull of a confident First Lady look, find a LBD and some killer heels. If you’re going for authenticity, invest in a short, blonde wig. To channel Frank, have your SO wear a suit and tie, or least a dress shirt and blazer. Carry around a deck of cards just for kicks.

5. Kim and Kanye

Or Kimye, as most people know them as.  Notorious for her reality show and his general narcissism, Kim and Kanye have continued to make headlines this past year, particularly with their wedding. So what better time to dress up and pretend you’re famous enough to name your child North West?

Get Kim’s look by pairing a crop top and a high-waisted skirt with heels, of course. Want something lower-maintenance? Channel your inner Kardashian with a peplum shirt, tight jeans and flats. Kanye is known for his graphic tees, black jacket, jeans and Timberland boots. Bonus points if your BF can find a shirt with a picture of his face on it to wear around all night.

6. Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard

On the very opposite side of the spectrum of Kimye, you can find TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting newlyweds, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard. Known for their very conservative courtship, this couple’s costume will be significantly less scandalous than some of the others. For Jill, find your most conservative dress or cover as much skin as possible. Limit your makeup and tame your long locks with a flower headband. All your SO needs is a polo and some jeans. Props if he can grow the full beard to complete the look. 

7. Brad and Angelina on their wedding day

This couple made waves when they finally tied the knot this year! No need to purchase a wedding gown for this look; a simple white dress will do. Wear your hair pulled back in a low bun, and purchase a cheap veil at a party store. Then, have you and your best friends doodle all over your dress with multicolored Sharpie (like Angelina let her children do to hers). Make sure your boyfriend is clean-shaven except for a mustache (and be thankful Brad didn’t get married with his mountain-man beard). In a suit and tie, he can be the perfect Brad to your Angelina on their special day.

8. Mary-Kate and Olivier Sarkozy

Hey, to each her own, right? While we might not see the appeal of Olivier (he looks like he could be her father), it would be a funny couple’s costume for you and your BF. Mary-Kate usually has a natural look, so go light on the makeup and pair a loose black shirt with some black skinny jeans. If you can get your hands on some faux fur, even better. Wear your hair in a slicked-back bun (like in the picture), or let it go au naturel. As for Olivier, a shirt and tie will do the trick. Gelled-back hair would be a nice touch. Just tell your SO to channel a 44-year-old and speak with a French accent.

9. Barack and Michelle Obama

No matter what your political stance is, you have to admit that Barack and Michelle are a power couple. Better start doing some push-ups, because we all know the First Lady has killer arms! Michelle is the perfect picture of class and grace, so dress up in your best business casual dress (preferably something sleeveless to show off your biceps). Pearls would be a nice touch as well.

For Barack, your boyfriend can rock a white button-down, blue tie and suit jacket. Make sure to act super affectionate all night (seriously, they’re so adorable together sometimes) and throw in a couple fist bumps to be the best President and First Lady.

10. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

Calling all country fans! The king and queen of country would be the perfect duo for you and your BF to dress up as for Halloween. Maybe you two could even do a duet?

For a casual Blake and Miranda look, think jeans, flannels and boots. For Miranda, wear a plain white T-shirt or tank top with blue jeans and cowboy boots (if you have them!). Make sure to play up your eyes and curl your hair. For Blake, your SO can rock a flannel and jeans. Some sexy scruff wouldn’t hurt either.


No matter what you and your SO decide to dress up as, you’re doing it together, so it will automatically be an amazing Halloween! 

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