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The 7 Best Halloween Costumes Worn By TV Characters


We all love dressing up as our favorite TV characters for Halloween—but what sorts of funny and crazy costumes have our favorite TV characters come up with? Here are some of the best Halloween costumes we've seen TV characters rock.  

1. Haley from Modern Family as Mother Teresa

Who ever said Mother Teresa couldn’t be sexy?

2. Zoe from Hart of Dixie as Cleopatra

Almost as stylish as Summer Roberts on The O.C.!

3. Ross from Friends as "Spudnik"

Get it? Spud?

4. Jess from New Girl as Ramona Quimby

This brings back to our elementary school days!

5. Gloria from Modern Family as Fiona from Shrek

Joe Manganiello would make a pretty cute Shrek.

6. Leslie from Parks and Recreation as Princess Buttercup from The Princess Bride

Seriously, look at those hair twists. They’re killer.

7. Jo from Grey’s Anatomy as Tinkerbell

We hope she sprinkled some fairy dust on her patients that day!

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