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5 Guy's Grooming Products Collegiettes Can Use, Too


Beauty-savvy collegiettes are often product junkies who know exactly what they like to use and when to use it. On occasion, we might find ourselves in a situation where we aren’t able to get back to our rooms to grab our own fave products, like when we decide to stay the night at our guy’s place last minute and haven’t stocked up on our essentials.

Even though this can be inconvenient, your beauty regimen doesn’t have to suffer completely. While guy’s products aren’t just like ours, you’d be surprised to learn how many guy products can be useful to collegiettes. Here are a few of our tried and true suggestions.

You Forgot Your: Makeup Remover

Use His: Vaseline or Light Body Lotion

Unless you want your smokey eyes to turn into raccoon eyes in the morning, you need to make sure you remove your makeup before you go to sleep. Vaseline can be an effective makeup remover when you’ve left yours at home. Use a cotton pad to apply a small amount to your eyes and swipe across your eyes to remove any traces of makeup. If your guy doesn’t have any Vaseline, a bit of light, unscented body lotion will do the trick as well.

You Forgot Your: Facial Cleanser

Use His: Dove Body Soap

It’s important to wash your face every night before bed, especially if you have foundation on. A simple bar soap such as one from Dove can be the perfect substitute to your facial cleanser for the evening. It’s gentle and non-irritating, and will be able to clean your face just as thoroughly.

You Forgot Your: Moisturizer

Use His: Face Cream or Light Body Lotion

After you cleanse you face, don’t forget to moisturize! For gals with skincare-savvy boyfriends who have a handle on their skincare routine, you’re in luck, since using his face cream (like this one from J. Paul Skincare) before bed is a must. It most likely contains ingredients that can benefit your skin too, so don't be afraid to reach for the jar. If he doesn't have a face cream, using some of his body lotion (avoid heavy creams!) will also suffice for a night.

You Forgot Your: Razor

Use His: Men's Razor

If you haven't tried a men's razor, you just might need to. Men's razors are known for being highly effective, as they're designed to give a super close shave since they are made to shave faces. Yep—you might find that your legs are just that...much...silkier. We're particularly obsessed with Harry's razors—they're budget-friendly and deliver amazing results (you might end up transitioning to these permanently)!

You Forgot Your: Floral or Fruit-Scented Women’s Deodorant

Use His: Fresh Scent Men’s Deodorant

Would you rather smell like your guy, or...well, much, much worse? That's what we thought. Don't hestitate to reach for his Old Spice in your time of need. And since different fragrances react different based on the oils in your skin, you might end up liking how his deodorant smells on you. And depending on the brand, his deodorant might do a far better job of controlling perspiration and body odor in comparison to women’s deodorants.


We're thankful for the men in our lives, and now we can be thankful for their grooming products too! Next time you find yourself in a situation where you need products when you've forgotten yours, try one of these collegiette-friendly men's products to save face. 

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