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The 5 Cutest Couples Costumes for Halloween 2014


The temperature is dropping, and Halloween is just around the corner. This can only mean one thing — you need a costume!

Deciding what to be for Halloween can be stressful or a lot of fun. If you’re looking for an adorable couples Halloween costume for you and your SO, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the cutest couples Halloween costumes and how to properly dress for them. There’s something in here for everyone!

1. Salt and pepper

For a classic costume that’s sure to make people laugh, dress up as salt and pepper!

“My girlfriend and I are dressing as salt and pepper, and our dog is going to be paprika,” says Magdalene Cazarez, a sophomore at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. All you need for this simple costume is all-white and all-black outfits with cutout letters (S and P, of course). Throw on a beanie or a silver colander (or dress your dog as Paprika) to make the costume even cuter!

2. Forrest Gump and Jenny

Since this year was the 20th anniversary of the release of Forrest Gump, Forrest and Jenny are cute costumes to wear. For Jenny, a long dress and hippie accessories will do the trick. Try boots, a cardigan, a long bag or a flower headband. For Forrest, a blue, checkered shirt and a khaki jacket and dress pants are all you need. Red baseball cap is optional!

3. Anna and Kristoff from Frozen

For any Frozen lovers (all of us, duh!), Anna and Kristoff is an adorable couples costume. Anna can be complete with braids (get a wig if your hair isn’t red) and a long, blue dress with a pink shawl. Your BF can look like Kristoff in no time with a beanie and a fur-trimmed shirt worn over a long-sleeved shirt.

4. Tris and Four from Divergent

For a fierce costume, dress up as Tris and Four from Divergent. These costumes are easy and comfortable and can be achieved with all-black outfits. To be Tris during her training stage, wear black and gray workout clothes and put your hair in a ponytail. For Four, have your BF wear black pants and a black leather jacket. Carry toy guns for props if you want to be Tris and Four when they’re going into battle.

5. Mario and Princess Peach

If you and your SO are video-game lovers, Mario and Princess Peach are perfect for you! Your BF likely already has shorts, shirts, socks and shoes that will work for this outfit; all he needs is a Mario hat and a fake moustache from a party store. All Princess Peach needs is a pink dress, white gloves and a crown!


If you and your SO are wearing your costumes with confidence, you’re bound to look amazing and have an awesome Halloween. Happy trick-or-treating (or whatever you may be doing)!

Have a cute couples costume idea? Share it with us in the comments below!

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