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The 11 Best Queer Couples Halloween Costumes for 2014


Halloween is the best time to let your creativity shine, but it can also be super stressful deciding on a costume—especially if you’re looking to coordinate with your SO. Factor in the lack of LGBTQ+ representation in the media (and therefore a lack of characters to dress up as), and you’ve got yourself one difficult search. Fortunately for you, Her Campus has you covered! Here’s our complete guide to amazing, unique couples costumes for all the queer ladies on campus.

1. Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner

Dressing as these top models will be anything but boring. To channel your inner Cara, bulk up those eyebrows (or put on some fake ones), add a grey beanie and wear a loose tee with dark skinny jeans and sneakers. Add straight blond locks, and you’re all set.

Kendall typically looks more polished and classic, so opt for a streamlined black-and-white outfit with straight brown hair. A pale pink lipstick and natural eye makeup will be perfect. Finish the look with booties, and you and your SO will be ready to turn your campus into a catwalk!

2. Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

A total throwback relationship, but an iconic one nonetheless. If you don’t already have freckles, draw some on with eyeliner and wear a tight dress to be Lindsay. For Samantha, you can’t go wrong with black skinny jeans and sneakers plus a cropped haircut or wig. A beanie and some smudged eye makeup will complete the look.

3. Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin

Okay, not a couple. But opposites attract, right? Politically minded couples may choose these famous ladies if they want to be a little less canon and a little more irreverent. Take your cues from Amy Poehler and Tina Fey when choosing your costumes: Red for Sarah and blue for Hillary is a good place to start. Pantsuits and professional-looking hair and makeup are great, but don’t be afraid to have fun with it either.

4. Buffy and Faith

Though not canon, this couple is still many viewers’ fave. Follow our lead, and you will truly slay the competition. Grab some crucifixes and leather pants, and don’t forget a stake!

5. Piper and Alex

Get your eyebrow pencils and eyeliner ready to dress up as everyone’s favorite dysfunctional felons! With some beige scrubs and prison ID badges, you’ll be all set. Don’t forget the nerd glasses and fake tattoos for Alex. If this couple isn’t up your alley, get your swirl on with Piper and Suzanne, or go as besties Poussey and Taystee. The options from Orange Is the New Black are endless—have fun with it!

6. Cher Horowitzand Dionne Davenport

Bad costumes? As if. You’ll be the center of attention when you and your SO walk in decked out as ‘90s royalty. Plaid skirt? Check. Unbeatable hair and enviable hats? Check. All that’s left is the attitude (and a giant cell phone) to complete your Clueless look!

7. Santana and Brittany

With some cheerleader uniforms and killer ponytails, you and your SO can transform into Glee’s favorite on-again off-again couple. You can get a costume online or you can recycle your old high school cheerleader uniform to save some cash.

8. Wayne and Garth

If you want to get your grunge on, opt for this throwback costume. With blond and brown wigs, an oversized flannel and a black T-shirt (which you probably already have!), this Wayne’s World couples costume is quick, cheap and perfect if you’re attending a ‘90s-themed party. Don’t forget the glasses for Garth, and Chuck Taylors are a must!

9. Queer Princesses

If you want to throw even further back, go as Disney Princesses! Any combination, from Sleeping Beauty and Snow White to Jasmine and Tiana, is possible, and costume stores are bound to have what you need for a killer princess look. Most princess costumes can be DIY-ed, and you probably have what you need in your closet!

10. Daria and Jane

Another ‘90s gem, Daria and Jane are the cynical BFFs we all have inside of us. For Daria, a green jacket over a black miniskirt is essential, as are her iconic combat boots and round glasses. Jane, with her wild hair, may be a bit harder to pull off, but you can do it if you wear her red jacket, black shorts, black tights and black boots. The best part of this costume? You get to use backpacks to carry everything you’ll need for a successful Halloween!

11. Lindsay and Tobias Fünke

If you’re looking to get laughs, this Arrested Development costume is a great idea. For Lindsay, DIY a red tank top with her iconic “SLUT” lettering. Add tall black boots and a black miniskirt, and finish the look with blonde hair and red lipstick. For Tobias, denim shorts and a black tank top are necessary, but the key to this costume is the head-to-toe blue makeup.

While there are millions of possibilities for you and your SO to choose from, a coordinated costume is cute and sure to win over any crowd. This list is just the beginning; don’t be afraid to steal from HC’s other costume guides! Whether you opt for a celeb couple or something a little more classic, like Barbie and Ken(dra), have fun with it and add your own flair! 

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