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11 Signs Your Significant Other Really Gets You


Maybe you've been seeing your significant other for a few months, or maybe you've been dating for years; either way, the two of you are *~*meant to be*~*. As the saying goes, "When you know, you know," but you two really know. Like, it's scary. 

1. Your SO knows when you're in the mood for pizza without you even having to say a word.

This comes in handy more often than you would think. 

2. Your SO lets you choose your couples costume for Halloween. 

And understands that you plan on winning any and all costume contests. 

3. He or she has indulged you in debating which television couple the two of you are. 

Lilypad + Marshmallow 4 lyfe. 

4. Your SO is totally okay with your date nights looking like this:

Netflix is your third wheel, and you're both okay with that. 

5. Your SO will always share his or her food with you. 

Because your SO knows that, next to him or her, food is your true love. 

6. He or she always listens to you when you overreact. 

It's really just a matter of letting you vent for a few minutes, but minutes sometimes feel like hours.

7. But your SO also knows when it's time to tell you to shut up. 

Which is just as important. 

8. Your SO understands the importance of making an entrance. 


9. He or she is not weirded out by a strange Snapchat from you... and will probably reply with a stranger one. 

It's really a miracle you're still together.

10. Your SO has seen you at your worst. 

So you now you can both let your natural beauty shine through.

11. You've both discussed all of the fun you'll have growing old together. 

But you laugh at the thought of the two of you with wrinkles. 

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