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The Best Girl Group Halloween Costumes for 2014


If you’re planning Halloween as the ultimate GNO, check out these Halloween costumes for you and your BFFs! You’ll never lose them in the crowd if they’re wearing just what you’re wearing.

1. Different Beyoncés

Between Sasha Fierce, Destiny’s Child and her bejeweled Tom Ford bodysuit at the VMAs, Yoncé has more than enough outfits for you and your friends to copy for an epic group costume.

2. The Powerpuff Girls

Crime-fighting sisters/BFFs who don’t take nonsense from evil? Sounds like you and your friends! Minidresses, black belts, white tights and black flats are all you need to become these pint-sized superheroes.

3. Beer Pong

Formation please, ladies. Show your frat-party sportsmanship with these hilarious costumes. There’s no way you’ll resist making new friends who will—quite literally—try to play you.

4. Mean Girls on Halloween

With a group of four, replicate the classic Halloween party scene in Mean Girls. We guarantee that everyone will get the reference!

5. Different Miley Cyruses

You can have Hannah Montana, wrecking-ball Miley, the wrecking ball itself and countless other variations on our girl Miley.


What are you and your girl friends going as for Halloween this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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