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11 Amazing Uses for Washi Tape in Your Dorm


So you're all set up in your dorm room, and things are looking pretty good... but something's missing. That something? The amazing creation that is washi tape! If you're an avid Pinterest user, then you're probably familiar with washi tape, also known as every DIY-er's dream. Washi tape is a Japanese semi-transparent tape that works like masking tape, but it comes in every width and beautiful pattern under the sun. Whether you're a fan of chic metallics, preppy pinks or something a bit more on the wild side, there's bound to be a washi tape pattern for your personality.

So, what exactly do you do with washi tape? There are literally thousands of ways to incorporate washi tape into your life, but we've chosen 11 of our favorite methods to take your dorm room from so-so to oh-so-fab in minutes. 

1. Transform a table

We love the idea of transforming a boring white table into a colorful masterpiece just by applying washi tape diagonally. And not to worry - washi tape peels off without damaging the surface underneath, so your IKEA table is safe!

2. Organize your life

A transparent strip of washi tape can act as a colorful and functional organizational tool when used in your planner or on a calendar. Have fun with it by choosing a snowflake pattern for the holidays or palm trees for spring break!

3. Spruce up your laptop

Taking notes and writing papers on your computer can be boring, so make your workspace a little more fun by adding washi tape to your keyboard! This works best when the keys on your laptop are white, and make sure you can still see the markings on your keyboard... unless you can type without looking at the keys, in which case, you go, girl!

4. Display your jewelry with style

Run out of space on your jewelry tree for your favorite necklaces? Create your own with washi tape! Use thumbtacks to hang your favorite necklaces on the "branches" of your jewelry tree, and you're done!

5. Make picture frames

Make your photographs and posters stand out by creating washi tape frames around your wall decor. Mix and match the patterns and widths of your frames for an effortlessly cool vibe.

6. Create a city skyline

Missing the hustle and bustle of your favorite city? Recreate the skyline with washi tape! Not only does it look super cool, but it can give the appearance of having a headboard when you place it over your bed. Sweet dreams!

7. Add some life to your living space

With autumn and winter drawing near, it can be nice to have some small plants in your dorm room for a pop of green. Spruce up your vases and flower pots by decorating them with washi tape! Bonus Pinterest points if you use mason jars for vases.

8. Keep track of your electronics

Always wondering which charger is yours and which is your roommate's? Wrap a strip of washi tape around your electronic cords and write your initials on it to make things prettier and more convenient.

9. Add some inspiration(al quotes)

Rather than spending money on a clichéd poster with a famous quote, create your own with washi tape! Use different colors and patterns for a more eclectic look, and don't worry if the letters look a bit wonky; that adds to the charm!

10. Brighten up boring storage

Pretty much every college student has some big, bulky boxes stowed away somewhere in his or her dorm room, usually under the bed or on a shelf. To make these boring boxes less of an eyesore, decorate them with washi tape so they can be both functional and decorative.

11. Liven up a lamp

Desk lamps aren't typically thought of as particularly cute or chic, but adding a strip (or 10) of washi tape can really brighten up your work space and take a necessary room fixture to a whole new level.


These are only a few of the thousands of ways to use washi tape to add some color and fun to your daily routine, and if you're anything like us, you'll be hooked in no time. Happy taping, collegiettes!

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