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5 LGBTQ+ Blogs You Should Definitely Know About


Sharing tips, secrets and comedic insight on the Internet through blogs has become a way of life for our generation. We spend hours scouring the Internet for blogs that speak to us as individuals and inspire us to live our lives to the fullest. But if you’re an LGBTQ+ collegiette or ally, you’ve most likely realized that finding relatable blogs can be quite the task. To save you the trouble of spending your day aimlessly scrolling through Google looking for your perfect blog, we at Her Campus have created this list of must-follow LGBTQ+ blogs. Have a look!

1. GayWrites

GayWrites is the perfect blog for passionate collegiettes looking to educate themselves about LGBTQ+ issues and promote relevant social change. Camille, the voice behind the blog, gave the site its slogan, “Read Up, Speak Up,” an ideology that sets GayWrites apart from other blogs on this list. GayWrites strives to engage its readers in informed activism and operates on the belief that we must speak up about injustice and work for change when something is wrong.

In a sea of Tumblrs dedicated to pictures of cats or celebrity abs, GayWrites is the blog for collegiettes looking to take action and affect change on issues ranging from LGBTQ+ rights in South Africa to stopping trans* bullying in schools.

2. Life in the Freaklane

If you’re a collegiette more interested in the LGBTQ+ lifestyle than its politics, Life in the Freaklane is the blog for you. Nineteen-year-old blogger Anna writes about topics any LGBTQ+ collegiette can relate to, from her college life at the University of Glasgow in Scotland to body image. Her self-deprecating humor, as evident by her poetry and detailing of her relationship with her girlfriend, make her one of the more relatable LGBTQ+ bloggers out there. And her “Sh*t me and my flatmates say” section provides endless entertainment, since we can all relate to saying dumb things every once in a while.

3. Everyone Is Gay

Everyone Is Gay is one of the most well-known LGBTQ+ blogs out there. In fact, Dannielle Owens-Reid and Kristin Russo, the two women behind the blog, just penned their own book on LGBTQ+ issues: This is A Book for Parents of Gay Kids.

If you’re a queer collegiette searching for advice or even just a good laugh, look no further. Everyone Is Gay gives the best advice on everything from coming out to exploring your sexuality in college. For example, when asked by someone as to whether it’s inappropriate to tell your friend in a relationship that you have feelings for her, Owens-Reid gave the best, truest advice: “I mean… kinda? But you’ll probably do it anyway, you know what I mean?! IT’S LOVE SO YOLO SORT OF.”

That’s our kind of advice.

4.Fit for a Femme

Finally, a blog for LGBTQ+ fashionistas!  Fit for a Femme is the perfect blog for fashion-focused collegiettes looking to be inspired by the colorful clothing choices of their fellow LGBTQ+ community members. From femme tomboy fashion to everyday fashion tips and travel advice, Fit for a Femme takes a detour from the standard issue-related LGBTQ+ blogs and instead celebrates LGBTQ+ fashion and lifestyle.

What’s even better? The blog has a list of what they believe to be the best stores worth shopping at, from J.Crew to Zana Bayne. So, if you’re a fashionable LGBTQ+ collegiette, you’ll definitely want to check out this blog!

5. Lezbhonest

While it’s nice to follow blogs that will give you tips and trends on how to live a better life, sometimes you just need a blog that will make you smile. Lezbhonest is essentially the LGBTQ+ version of Humans of New York, showcasing pictures and stories of our everyday community members. From pictures of lesbian couples cuddling up to their newborns to photos of lesbian weddings, Lezbhonest reminds us that although LGBTQ+ rights are still an issue, there is good being done in the world.

And let’s not forget the section “Caturday posts,” which is dedicated solely to pictures of queer women and their cats!


Whether you’re fashion-forward or interested in global equality—or both!—there’s a queer blog for you. You’ll definitely want to follow these favorites!

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