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The 4 Craziest Jobs You Can Apply for Now


Entering the workforce either part time or full time can be totally intimidating. It’s scary to entertain the idea that you might have to work in an office for the majority of your adult life! If you have yet to find your dream job because the thought of sitting at a desk for hours on end makes you cringe, you should probably consider an opening in a profession that completely defies the standards.

We’ve dug up six of the craziest jobs that are currently available, and while they may seem weird at first, you may find they’re right for you—especially if you’re set on avoiding a deadly desk job!

1. Mystery Shopper

The key phrase: get paid to shop. What more do you need in a job description?! Through Mystery Shoppers America, you can get paid to go to stores and secretly analyze customer service. Mystery Shoppers America has been a service provider in the shopping industry for over 10 years and aims to measure employee integrity. So, if you want to practice what we think is one of our innate abilities as ladies, check it out!

Responsibilities: You will be given shopping assignments to gauge the level of service you are given and to test the skills of employees at various retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters, health clubs and more. After visiting a store, you will evaluate your experience and submit your opinions.

What does it take?: Lucky for you, there’s no experience necessary (not that you’d probably need any coaching in shopping anyway).

Good for: Someone looking to pursue a career in hospitality.

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2. Interiors Photographer

Remember all those pretty pictures of the picturesque flat in Barcelona you researched on Airbnb last year for your trip abroad? Well, guess what? You can be the one who takes interior shots like those ones at locations convenient for you. Airbnb, the home-sharing search engine, allows users to scope out potential lodging that homeowners will rent out to you, whether it’s for a week or month. If you majored in photography in college or it’s a serious hobby of yours, you should consider applying, because you would work remotely by shooting the homes of hosts who live near to you!

Responsibilities: You will be given assignments to cover based on your local region that would be located no more than 30 miles away.

What does it take?: Airbnb requires an online portfolio of interior or architectural work to be submitted in order for your application to be considered. A background in interior, real estate and neighborhood photography is preferred, but they will still consider those who demonstrate extensive experience with other types of photography.

Good for: Someone who understands basic photography principles and is interested in interior design.

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3. Pedicab Driver

Being a pedicab driver is no joke. Let’s just say you won’t need that gym membership anymore if you decide to pursue this job. Also, since you’ll be toting mostly travelers around town, your role will almost be like an unofficial tour guide.

Responsibilities: You’ll serve as your own operator and pick up customers on the street who are seeking a ride to their next destination. Typically, you’ll be carrying a cart that can weigh up to 400 pounds when it’s at full capacity.

What does it take? Firstly, you need to have a license. As a guide of sorts, you’ll want to be the sociable type, since you’ll be spending all day with strangers. You also need to be strong and know how to ride a bike. Depending on the company, age requirement policies may apply.

Good for: A tenacious city lover who likes a challenge and is also friendly.

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4. Polysomnography Technician

Sleep is a phenomenon we still have a lot to learn about, so what better subject is there to get paid to study? Mayo Clinic, the world’s largest nonprofit medical group practice, is looking for a polysomnography technician who will monitor patients’ sleep patterns. While you won’t be the one actually sleeping, we’re sure this science-experiment-like job will be interesting.

Responsibilities: You will observe and record patients’ behaviors, body positions, brain waves and cardiac arrhythmias, as well as any other heart rate abnormalities. You will then generate reports based on the data you gather.

What does it take?: Unfortunately, you can’t just walk out of school and apply to be a tech. You have to have an associate’s degree in applied science, or at least two years of nursing school up your sleeve. You also need Basic Life Support certification, which can be acquired by taking a relatively short course.

Good for: Someone on a medical track; specifically, someone interested in clinical neuropsychology.

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These jobs are far from the norm, but that may be a good thing. Now that you may have a better understanding of what you’re looking for, take the next step in the process by drafting the perfect cover letter and prepping for a possible interview. Good luck, collegiettes!

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