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11 Punny Halloween Costumes


Are you the biggest goofball in your group of friends, and want to find an outfit that will show that off? For all those funny girls out there, consider dressing as a pun this Halloween. Yes, that's right - a pun. These costumes might need a little bit of an explanation, but they're guaranteed to produce some chuckles.

There are endless puns in the world, but we've put together a few clever ideas that also make cute costumes! Punny costumes are also great for those of us who tend to be little last-minute in our planning. Most of them can be made from materials you'll find around the house, even if they do require a little bit of crafting to get the costume just right. We'll list all the easy ones first, and then we'll list some more intricate punny costumes for those of us who aren't afraid of a challenge!

Queen of Hearts

Difficulty Level: Easy

Materials: Tiara, craft supplies

How-to: Wear whatever outfit you want, but make it fairly neutral. Then, cut out tons of hearts in a variety of colors and put them all over your outfit. Finish off the look with a tiara or plastic crown and you're done!

queen of hearts costume


Difficulty Level: Easy

Materials: Business casual dress, craft supplies, microphone

How-to: Dress in your favorite business casual outfit (bonus points for adorable pencil skirts!), and tape a large cutout anchor to your back. That's it - you're an anchorwoman! Feel free to carry around a microphone to complete the outfit.


Difficulty Level: Easy

Materials: Facepaint

How-to: This is one of the easiest costumes out there, so it's perfect for people who know they won't have much time to get ready. Simply paint the word "BOOK" across your face and you're done. Just like that, you've become the website that you spend hours on every day!

facebook costume


Difficulty Level: Easy

Materials: Quarters, headband, hot glue gun

How-to: Although it requires a little bit of crafting, gluing a few quarters onto a headband shouldn't take too long. This is an easy outfit that requires just enough prep so that the glue has time to dry. This outfit is perfect for people who don't love dressing up, and just need to be able to point to their head to prove that they did put a little effort in.

Mixed Greens

Difficulty Level: Easy

Materials: Green clothing, craft supplies

How-to: Dig out all the green clothing in your closet, and don't worry about whether or not it matches! Put it all on, in layers, with mismatched socks and accessories. This one is super easy because if you have enough in your wardrobe you don't even have to make any purchases. By the time you're done, you'll look like your favorite salad! Feel free to add some construction paper cutouts of tomatoes and carrots to complete the veggie-friendly look.

mixed greens halloween costume

Tic Tac Toes

Difficulty Level: Easy

Materials: Tic Tacs, hot glue, flats

How-to: Get some cheap flats that you don't mind ruining, and hot glue your favorite flavor of Tic Tacs onto them. This is another super easy outfit, and pun enthusiasts can even pair it with something else, like the idea up above for Headquarters!

Well Red

Difficulty Level: Medium

Materials: Red clothing, books

How-to: Dress in an all-red outfit, and carry around your favorite novel - but the more pretentious the title sounds, the better! This one gives you a ton of flexibility, because you can make it as elaborate as you want. Use a permanent marker to write your favorite quotes all over a red t-shirt, or just go crazy with red lipstick and glitter.


Photographic Memory

Difficulty Level: Medium

Materials: Disposable cameras, hat, hot glue gun

How-to: This one requires a little bit of prep, but it shouldn't be too hard to execute. The basic idea is to hot glue a bunch of disposable cameras onto a hat. This one can be really fun later for capturing memories, as you can get some funky bird’s eye photos by taking photos with your hat throughout the night!

Cereal Killer

Difficulty Level: Medium

Materials: Box of cereal, spoon, pajamas

How-to: Dress in your favorite pajamas and pop open your cereal box. Tear off the top third of the box in a jagged line, making it look like an animal tried to rip it open. Carry around the box and the spoon together all night. To really get into the spooky Halloween spirit, carry a fake weapon with this outfit (you are a cereal killer, after all!). Extra points for messy hair that makes it look like you woke up and just couldn't wait to get some breakfast!

girl eating cereal

Peas Corp Member

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Materials: Peas, craft supplies

How-to: Feel like spreading some peace this Halloween? Become a member of the Peas Corp! Dress in whatever outfit you want, but spend some time making signs with cute sayings on them, like "Love and Peas for Everyone!" March around with your signs all night, and if you want to get really into it, walk around handing out peas as if they were Halloween candy!

Ceiling Fan

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Materials: Craft supplies, pom poms, megaphone, face paint

How-to: Pretend you are the absolute number one fan for your favorite team - the Ceilings! Dress as a cheerleader, and spend some time decorating signs and t-shirts that show off your ceiling pride. This costume lets you get really creative, as you can make up chants, team statistics, or anything else you need to complete the outfit. This is really easy to turn into a group activity, too, as you and your friends can dress as an ultimate ceiling fan group. Talk your guy friends into going shirtless and painting "CEILINGS" on their chests!

What other punny costume ideas can you come up with? Let us know in the comments!

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