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'Girl Code': College Dos & Don'ts From Carly Aquilino


It seems Gretchen Wieners wasn’t too far off when she mentioned that there were “Rules of Feminism.” MTV’s Girl Code is filled with honest explanations, embarrassing stories and hilarious (yet practical) advice tto which we all can relate. The show has helped kickstart the careers of some extremely funny ladies, especially Carly Aquilino. The 23-year-old comedian is known for her vibrant hair and New York accent, but it’s her relevant humor and sarcastic wit that makes fans feel like she’s their BFF. We asked Carly for her insight on college life, girl code style.

Did you always know you wanted to be a comedian, or did you have another career plan originally?

CA: I always I wanted to be a comedian, I always thought it was a really cool job but I didn’t know how to get involved with it. The hardest part was getting out there and trying it out for the first time, but once I did that I realized how much I really loved it. It took me years and years to actually build up the nerve to get on stage for the first time.

How did you get on Girl Code?

CA: I was doing stand-up one day at a club in New York City, and the creator of the show was in the crowd, and I got picked up. I had an audition and tested twice so I could get the vibes from everybody and they could get the vibes from me.

What is your favorite thing about being on the show?

CA: I think my favorite thing is that the show is not scripted, and we can say whatever we want without being afraid that we are going to offend someone. It’s really just giving our own opinion.

What I love about Girl Code is how relatable and honest it is. Fans of the show seem to look at the cast as if they were actually friends with you guys. Do you think that’s what makes the show so successful and likeable?

CA: People can really connect with us, and they feel like we are their friends. We go out and are like, look this stuff happens to all of us, and it happens to the people that you think it doesn’t happen to. There are no rules on what we can and can’t say, and I think that’s what makes the show what it is.

In season one you listed some important questions to ask a potential roommate, including, “Do you drink?” “Do you do drugs?” “Do you share?” and most importantly, “Are you a serial killer?” Do you have any more advice on qualities you would want in a college roommate?

CA: It’s important that your roommate doesn’t eat your food and steal your clothes. I think a big thing for college roommates is when a girl brings creepy guys over. I think that it is so common and so wrong because you could be putting your roommate and yourself in danger.

In a dorm setting, what are your thoughts about sexiling your roommate? Should your roommate be allowed to have her significant other over all the time?

CA: Your roommate should definitely be able to have someone over, as long as it isn’t every night. You should make up some kind of rule. That way you’re not being kept up at night or kicked out of the room. You should have a schedule. I once lived with this guy and his girlfriend was there every single day, and I remember thinking, "This is not right." I know it happens to so many people. Unfortunately that’s the stuff you have to deal with when you’re living with somebody.

Do you think it’s a good idea to room with your best friend?

CA: I feel like it could mess up your friendship, because you may know someone and really like someone but you don’t know if you can actually live with [him or her]. Living with someone is a huge deal, and it’s a big big commitment, so if you’re living with your best friend and you piss each other off, not only will you not be roommates anymore, but also maybe not friends. You can mend that relationship, but now you’ll know you can’t live together.

College is a time where a lot of people might experiment with alcohol for the first time. Do you have any tips for first-timers to avoid being “sloppy” or “that girl” at the party and stay safe?

CA: I think if you're going out and you’re drinking and having fun, there is nothing wrong with it, but make sure you are with a group of friends who are going to look out for you and not let anything bad happen to you. Have fun, but know your limit. I think some people don’t always know their limit, and it may take a while to learn it, but ease into it. Maybe have a drink then wait an hour and spread it out.

Do you think it’s beneficial to be single when you start off college?

CA: I don’t think I would get out of a relationship just to go away to college, but I would not be surprised if it didn’t work out. Not to say a guy would break up with you if you go away to college; in fact, you might want to break up with him. You might meet new people and be really busy. I don’t think there is a wrong or right time to be in a relationship, it just goes by the couple. Some people can do it and some people can’t.

It can be hard if your significant other goes to school farther away. Any advice on how to keep a long-term relationship going?

CA: Stay loyal, don’t lie and make the time to talk to each other. Have FaceTime dates or talk on the phone for an hour and just make the time for one another so that way you both feel appreciated.

What can fans look forward to in the upcoming season of Girl Code?

CA: We have a lot of great sketches, and we get some really great topics. I would just tell you guys to keep a look out because it’s a great season; it’s been my favorite season so far but I think the sketches are the best this season.

Tune in to watch Carly and the rest of the cast on the season 3 premiere of Girl Code Wednesday October 1st at 11pm/10c on MTV!

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