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22 Signs You're Basic


BaŸ-sic [bey-sik], adj: A state of being for most girls, categorized by disproportionate excitement for ordinary things, performance of actions typical of any girl and general unoriginality. But hey, the haters are gonna hate (#shakeitoff), so you keep doing you.

1. The arrival of the Pumpkin Spice Latte puts you over the top with excitement.

You tweeted about it immediately. #PSL <3

2. You buy candles with names like “Sandalwood” and “November Rain.”

They provide the perfect ambiance for cuddling!

3. You know every line in The Notebook*, and you cry at the end, no matter what.

*Also applicable to Titanic and Love Actually.

4. You wear yoga pants everywhere but yoga class. 

Why would you want to wear jeans when stretchy, comfy yoga pants exist?

5. On another style note, you still own UGGs. 

No shame.

6. Instagram is your favorite form of social media, and you’re guilty of ‘gramming daily.

That #tbt of something that happened last week? #Blessed.

7. You have a Pinterest account. Enough said.    

Plus, you have enough inspirational quotes and dream wedding dresses to last a lifetime.

8. Sometimes you take selfies with your friends. Occasionally you make a duck face. Almost always you use a filter.

Does Valencia or Mayfair make you look tanner? Ugh, decisions.

9. Your drinks of choice are exclusively vodka cranberry (when you’re out) and white wine (Barefoot Pino, of course).

More specifically, white wine when you’re at home in yoga pants with your fancy candles.

10. Sometimes something “totes awk” happens to you and you “literally can’t even.”

Literally dying. You can’t.

11. An E! marathon of the Kardashians is the best way to spend a Saturday.

You love to hate them, but who doesn't?

12. You’re a BIG proponent of brunch. Especially if it includes bottomless mimosas.

And if you don’t Instagram brunch, did it even happen? #brunch #foodporn #sorrynotsorry

13. Jennifer Lawrence is your spirit animal. You openly fangirl over her.

She’s just so real.

14. If you’re in Greek life, you’ve mastered the sorority squat for flawless pictures with your sisters.

Throw what you know!!

15. You’ve learned your most valuable life lessons from Carrie Bradshaw.  

Praying for a third Sex and the City movie to come out ASAP.

16. In your opinion, Chipotle (aka Chippy or Chip-po-po) is the closest thing to heaven.

Burrito bowls > everything.

17. Your obsession with Kate Middleton is getting slightly out of hand…


18. Those new Diet Coke cans with the names? You’re all over it.

Zero calories + personalization = perfection.

19. For Halloween, you plan to coordinate DIY group costumes with your girls.

Phases of Britney Spears, or Disney princesses? So many options!

20. Froyo is your JAM. Any time, anywhere. 

It’s like, sorta healthy, right?

21. Taylor Swift will always be your girl, no matter what people say about her.  She just gets you. 

“You Belong With Me” is the story of your life.

22. You’ll probably share this on your bestie’s wall immediately after this.

With the caption: “Soooo truuueee!”


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