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7 College Students on Why Pride Is More Important Than Ever


June is such a special time for so many reasons. The weather is finally getting nicer (especially in New York), and we get to dedicate the month to celebrating Pride!

Pride is held each year to honor the 1969 Stonewall uprising in Manhattan. It’s also an important reminder to everyone that love is love, LGBTQ folks deserve rights, and we should celebrate that! Festivities usually include parades, picnics, parties, workshops, concerts, and other events involving participants globally. 

Even though Pride events all over the nation have been postponed and canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re not letting the month pass without some representation. Even if we can’t gather physically, we want to elevate the voices of our community members on the importance of Pride in their lives.

I took to Instagram and asked: What impact does Pride, its celebrations, and its history have in your life? Here’s what college students had to say, proving that Pride, even at home, is more important now than ever. 

“Pride gives me the space to represent myself and my sexuality without shame or fear.” - Rachele 

“Because Pride celebrates love in every form.” - Mairead 

“Many of my friends are part of the LGBTQ+ community, and it's so fun to show them a little extra love and celebrate them!” - Cassie

“When things were safer, my friends and I loved going to the San Francisco Pride parade every year!” - Emma

“It's a chance to consciously appreciate who I am and share my identity, which feels good.” - Jo

“Because the fight for equality isn't over.” - Isabelle

“Representation of all genders and sexualities is important to celebrate.” - Alysha

“So their struggles are not forgotten, and it's important to help progress continue.” - Anisha

“Because I’m gay!” - Mason

For me, Pride is important because it’s an encouraging space to express your love and identity, while commemorating the work queer and trans individuals have done. 

The NYC Pride Twitter account has launched an amazing campaign to showcase the theme of this year's celebrations. For 2020, the theme is “The Future Is…” which is inclusive of identity, ethnicity, age, body types, language and religious beliefs. The theme connects our storied past, milestones, and promising future—an important message that can be recognized at home, just as it would be at a big gathering.

Pride promotes self-affirmation, dignity, equality, and increased visibility of LGBTQ people, and it has become an amazing event to advocate for the equal rights movement. So, lets celebrate! Tell us how you plan on celebrating Pride and its impact in your story.

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