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The 5 Most Stylish Headphones EVER


Finding the right headphones for you can be tricky. You could stick with the ones your smartphone came with, but there's nothing particularly special—or super cute about them. (Plus, they just might break in a few months, or get so tangled in your bag you'll never use them again, or you'll lose them...). When you're on campus, you want durable headphones that deliver great sound, that don't make your ears ache after an hour, and most importantly, are ultra chic! So if you're in need of a headphone makeover, check out our top picks that are super stylish—and then some.

1. Urbanears - Plattan Plus ($69.90)

The Plattan Plus is the perfect everyday pair of headphones to use walking around campus, in the computer lab, or on the bus. Unlike the regular Plattan, these come with a microphone and volume control remote, making the extra $10 worth every penny. The padded headband is lined with a soft mesh fabric for extra comfort! 

2. Bose - Freestyle Earbuds (129.95)

Good sound quality doesn’t have to come from headphones that look more like futuristic tech gear than they do wearable accessories. Bose has recently released its Freestyle line of earbuds, which play great quality sound and come in multiple colors and patterns (We personally love the indigo and mint colored combo!). The design of this style enhances durability through the “StayHear” ear tips, which help the buds remain in place, especially when you're on a long run. These are the perfect pair for the exercise freak!

3. Sennheiser - Urbanite On-Ear Headphones ($199.95)

If you consider yourself to be one of those people who has a deep relationship with music—as in, you live for the moment that a beat drops, or you crave a balance between the bass and treble—then this sleek new pair from Sennheiser is for you. The Urbanite headphones offer premium sound (hint: use them to tune out loud neighbors when you're trying to study), through velvet-y soft over-ear coverings that are so comfortable you'll experience headphones in a brand new way. Plus, they're great for collegiettes on the go—fold them up to make them compact enough to fit into any bag!

4. Happy Plugs - In-Ear Rose Gold Earbuds ($39.99)

Who says rose gold is just for jewelry? These headphones are the perfect opportunity to embrace the trend. This set of earbuds features a built-in microphone and remote to ensure accessibility. Plus, they look just like a pretty, delicate necklace when worn.

5. Molami - Bight in Napa black and gold ($150)

If Kanye West were a pair of earbuds, he would be these. Molami's Bight brings together style and comfort and produces a stand out design product. Covered in rich, high-quality leather, the earbuds feature the "EarClick System," which secures the earpiece in two separate places in your ear in order to relieve pressure from your ear canal.

6. Frends - Frends with Benefits 'Layla' ($149.99)

If you are looking the ultimate style-enhancing headphones, look no further than Frends. Known to be loved by the fashion set, each pair has caps that are easily interchangeable so you can customize the look you’re going for. This set is so decked out it almost looks like a piece of jewelry. The volume remote is even bejeweled! While they’re a bit pricey, the freedom to pick and choose which caps you want (and the excellent sound!) makes them totally worth the splurge. 

You already love listening to music—why not do so in style?

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