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6 Times Monica & Rachel Were The Ultimate Friend Goals


You either love Friends, or you love to hate Friends. The sitcom ran for 236 episodes over ten seasons, and still is one of the most influential television shows for American culture. 

What made Friends so significant, however, are the actual friendships that make up the show. The one that has always stood out the most to me is between Rachel Green and Monica Gellar, played by Jennifer Anniston and Courtney Cox, respectively. What made their friendship so compelling is their loyalty, perseverance, and love for one another, so here are six times Monica and Rachel were #friendship goals.

1. When they lifted each other up

Warner Bros. TelevisionMonica takes Rachel in after she runs away from her wedding, and the two become support systems for one another. Rachel teaches Monica to loosen up, while Monica teachess Rachel how to adjust to support herself, empowering each other along the way to become better friends and better people.

2. When they were there when things weren’t so pretty

Monica and Rachel are always there for one another, through thick and thin. That includes when Rachel has to put in eyedrops. Like a true friend, Monica does all she can in order to help out, even if that means tackling Rachel to the ground. While not particularly fun, she’s there to make sure at the end of the day that Rachel is able to be her best self. 

3. When they sacrificed for one another

Sometimes you have to give something up to let your friend succeed, and that is what Monica and Rachel do for one another constantly. Monica has had the names of her future children picked out since she was 14, but when it came down to it, she let Rachel name her daughter Emma. While it may have hurt a bit at the time, in the end, Monica knows that it was the right choice because they're best friends.

4. When they lived out their fantasies together

Warner Bros. TelevisionEveryone has that one friendship where they can act like complete fools with one another. This twosome, alongside Phoebe, rent wedding gowns just to drink beer and watch television in their apartment. Was this a wise decision? Probably not, but it's something that they're able to do as friends and enjoy the moment. 

5. When they helped each other grow

Both Rachel and Monica make sure to support one another’s careers and relationships, so when Rachel plans to move to Paris to advance her career, she makes sure to let Monica know how much of an impact she’s had on her life. 

6. When they always made up in the end

Sure, Monica and Rachel have had some epic fights, including ones where they chased each other around the apartment, screamed, and acted ridiculously, but at the end of the day they were each other’s best friend, and never let a little fight affect that. When Rachel feels left out from Monica’s friendship with Julie, she's reminded that no matter what, Monica is always going to be there for her. 

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