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I Need Coffee... Beauty Products

Happy International Coffee Day!
September 29th is the day that we celebrate the wonderful gift of coffee—really, what would we do without it? Without my daily espresso, I become someone you don't want to see that day—really.
So when you do get your daily joe, how do you take it: black, milk and sugar, or topped with cute coffee art? What about… in your beauty products? As it turns out, starting your day out with coffee isn't just something you need after pulling an all-nighter.
Morning after? The puffiness in your face, whether you binged on salty fried foods or one too many cocktails, is inevitable, but you don’t have to fight through the day puffy. Caffeine can reduce swelling because of its amazing diuretic effects that stimulate water loss. (Yep, kind of like how you need 10 bathroom breaks after just one cup of coffee.)
Just as caffeine perks you up, it can also stimulate and tighten up your skin. Pick up a moisturizer for a mini-facelift or a body scrub to help combat your cellulite, and get ready to see the skin transformation!
Coffee stains on your perfect white v-neck or your pearly whites is not so fun, but a glossy coffee finish for you hair could be the perfect treatment between dye jobs. Coffee gives a rich, natural stain for brunettes. Pour some java (not hot!) over your hair, cover your head in plastic wrap or a shower cap, and leave in for at least an hour or so. Why not enjoy an actual cup of joe while you wait?
Caffeine might make your hands jittery, but it actually helps contract blood vessels. If you find yourself a little to red, a powder or cream with caffeine can calm everything down, especially any redness.
This is my favorite use for “coffee” beauty products! Unfortunately, my silly teenage hormones left me riddled with acne scars, but caffeine consistently shows up on the ingredients list for products that target discoloration and dark spots. I caffeinate myself in the morning and before bed!
Check out the caffeine and coffee-infused products below and start seeing the beauty benefits of your daily joe!
Collegiettes, how do you like your coffee? Sound off below!

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