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8 Best Celeb Brows


In the eyebrow game, bold is best. The full and luscious eyebrow look has been coveted everywhere from Instagram selfies to runway looks.  Easy to maintain, and much more natural-looking, fuller brows are a (literally) no pain way to change up your look. Move aside Cara, these celebs have big, beautiful eyebrows that just won’t quit.

1.     Sarah Hyland

Gently fill in your brows with a pencil can help fill in any gaps. Choose a shade darker than your natural eyebrow color.

2.     Jourdan Dunn


Now you may be thinking it’s unfair of us to include a model in this list. But even off the runway, Jourdan stays true to her natural eyebrow shape. A brow gel will help keep your eyebrows in place.

3.     Keira Knightley

Our favorite thing about this British actress’s brows is the un-groomed, almost masculine shape. Cancel your waxing appointment and leave the tweezers under the sink. Large, blockish-shaped brows are very wearable.

4.     Carey Mulligan

Carey’s light eyebrows could easily be lost on her fair skin. A sweep of brow powder helps bring attention up to her elegantly curved brows.

5.     Allison Williams

The Girls star really owns her fierce brows. No arch, no problem. Using concealer above and below your brows will help clean them up.

6.     Rita Ora

Glamour’s September issue cover girl plays up thick, sculpted brow shape.  Exaggerating your natural brow shape can be glamorous, just be sure not to stray too far from your natural brow line.

7.     Becky G

It’s unsurprising that this young songstress has served as the face of Cover Girl. Her trimmed brows have a soft curve to them. An eyebrow stencil kit will help you decide how you want your arch to look.

8.     Sofia Vergara

The Modern Family bombshell opts for un-groomed brows. Straight eyebrows are low maintenance and super chic. No tweezers required.

Not all brows are created equal.  Choosing a style that works best for you can take practice. Which bold brow style will you take inspiration from?




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