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Lo Bosworth Is Changing The Narrative Of Feminine Wellness


I first became a fan of Lauren “Lo” Bosworth while watching The Hills when I was growing up. Admittedly, I was bummed when I heard she wasn’t participating in last year’s reboot. Naturally, I went to Instagram to see what she had been up to, and what I found was, honestly, more exciting to me than reality TV.

Today, Lauren is living in NYC as the founder and CEO of her company, Love Wellness. I had the chance to meet Lo IRL last week, and, yes, teenage Madeleine was a little nervous. Spoiler alert: she is nice, down-to-earth, relatable, and as chic as you’d imagine, rocking a black blazer, jeans, and black heeled boots. Speaking to a room of women in their twenties, she told the emotional story of how countless visits to her OB-GYN had left her feeling discouraged when looking for drug-store solutions to her problems. This frustrating experience set her on a mission to want better options in the feminine wellness category for herself and for all women—enter Love Wellness, a female-first total body care brand.

This week, the brand relaunched with exciting new packing, a new website, a feature where you can opt-in to receive texts from Lo herself (!), and a new motto, “Love Yourself Well.” The inspiration behind the new branding came from Lo wanting to encourage us to love and take care of ourselves, which is often harder than it should be.  The brand’s products are solutions (developed and created by women) for problems we all face, like bloating, mood imbalance, digestion, and even UTIs.

Read on to hear more about Lauren’s journey and vision for the future of fem care.

Her Campus: What inspired you to start Love Wellness?
Lo Bosworth: I started the company in 2016 because I personally was not well. I was dealing with anxiety, depression and was at my OB-GYN all the time for different issues I was dealing with, so I was also at the drugstore constantly. Through this, I realized that there was a huge opportunity for a modern, body-positive brand to come into the space and essentially reinvent what personal care means for women by creating products with amazing formulations and clean ingredients. The reality is that if something is wrong, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed by the need to take care of your body. 

HC: Have you always wanted to start your own company?
LB: Yes, I always did. I was heavy into the content creator space before I started Love Wellness. I had gone to culinary school, I was interested in farm-to-table cooking and nutrition and wellness through food. And that really lent itself to the formulation of our products and how we source our ingredients now. In my experience with my health, I felt that my doctors were guiding me towards natural products that were not being produced on the mass market. So I just felt I had a really great opportunity to use my voice unique perspective to bring them to women in a really meaningful way.

HC: What is your goal with the relaunch?
LB: With the growth of the business, we have the exciting opportunity to invest more into the creative look and feel of Love Wellness. We really want to amplify the brand so we can be able to tell the Love Wellness story on a much bigger scale. And because we really combine empowering education with our products, we want to be in front of more women.

HC: Who in your life inspires you to keep innovating?
LB: We have a really incredible advisory board at Love Wellness. It is made up of OB-GYNs, nurse practitioners, and nutritionists, who have really been able to provide me with a lot of guidance from the get go. These women help influence what products we will bring into the market, the ingredients we use, and how we are speaking to our customers about these products. We have this board because my imagination can only go so far, and I need expert advice to tell me what their patients are asking for, what are women dealing with on a day-to-day basis so we can create products for a broad audience of women. 

HC: Aside from creating great products, what else do you hope Love Wellness accomplishes for women?
LB: At our core, we are trying to create a more open and honest self-care culture for women. We want it to be OK to need help and we want women to feel positive about their bodies. Because when you empower women with good education, they make purchasing decisions that are better for their health in the long run. 

HC: What products would you recommend to our girls trying Love Wellness for the first time?
LB: Definitely Bye Bye Bloat, it’s for water weight, and I take it multiple times a week. It’s a very good entry product for the brand. 

HC: Wellness and the workplace are talked about in tandem a lot these days. How do you promote a healthy work-life balance at your company?
LB: Professionally, I have really tried to establish a culture that has a strong balance of work and life at Love Wellness. I leave the office every day at 5PM because I really want my team members to know that I encourage them to spend time with their own families, work-out, go to the doctor, do whatever they need because I believe when you are satisfied in your personal life you are much more excited to show up to work every day. I’ve lived in New York for almost eight years now, but my family still lives in California so I try to go home and see my parents every six to eight weeks. I make that a priority, it allows me to escape the city, breathe some fresh air and spend quality time with my family. 

HC: Speaking of California, are you able to share any lessons that those ‘years in the spotlight’ taught you about running a business?
LB: Yes, absolutely. I would say that I am a very cautious founder and CEO but that the moments that I take to access situations don’t prevent me from making decisions quickly. Being in the media for a very long time has given me a really keen eye when it comes to potentially bad situations from all kinds of perspectives. It has taught me a lot about boundaries with people, with culture and things like that.

HC: Do you have any wisdom or advice you wish you could tell your 20-year old self?
LB: For me, over the years I have really learned how to manage my stress better and how to access problems in a more realistic light. I am now able to understand the difference between a small problem and a big, serious problem. And I’ve learned how to save my energy for the bigger problems. It’s a part of becoming an adult, you just need to have faith that you will figure it out.

HC: Aside from working closely with your advisory board, what are some of your other day-to-day duties as the CEO?
LB: I am responsible for product development, our core messaging, and brand identity. I am also very involved in a lot of the operations and strategy like legal, finance, hiring, raising funding. I have a very creative job and a very strategic job, so I’m really using the combination of both sides of my brand.

HC: When you’re interviewing for new roles as your company grows, what makes a candidate stand out to you?
LB: For me, I really look for culture hires and people I know will assimilate well into the culture of our team. We are type-A, hard-working people but we are also really relaxed and really fun. Of course, qualifications are particularly important but I make a lot of personality hires. I want to be with people that I enjoy being around for 8 or 9 hours a day. So when you’re interviewing I would encourage you to be polite, professional, and respectful but don’t be afraid to be friendly and show your personality to whoever is interviewing you. 

Lucky for you, Love Wellness has some *hot deals* today, so shop their new website here and Love Yourself Well

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