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Throwback Thursday: Overalls


Overalls: Are they totally ugly or really chic? It’s the question that is the lifeblood of many fashion trends (Uggs, Birkenstocks, high-waist shorts), but none so much as overalls. This cornerstone of '90s fashion made its mark on everyone from the Olsen twins to Gwen Stefani—and you may have worn them as a tottering 3-year-old, plagued by your mother’s affinity for appliquéd flowers (don’t try to tell us that was only our mothers), only to ditch ‘em in the third grade and pretend that such a fashion faux pas never happened.

But, wait! In case you haven’t noticed, recent seasons have made overalls a thing. They’re everywhere, hanging from the shoulders of street style stars or hugging the hips of festivalgoers at concerts across the country. Leandra Medine, otherwise known as the Man Repeller, wrote a whole book about overalls (well, and some other things) and sports them on the reg. You realize, suddenly, that overalls are crazy practical and, in their own way, sort of cute.

Wondering how to wear this reborn trend? You got it, dude. Try these fun looks to avoid re-living kindergarten and bring an old look up to date. 

Wear them short:

Overalls, $76, Topshop

Sandals, $120, Birkenstock

Tank Top, $20, Topshop

Hat, $39.50, Lucky

Rings, $9.50, Nordstrom Rack

Wear them long:


Overalls, $39, Abercrombie

Sandals, $48, NastyGal

T-Shirt, $29.99, J. Crew

Backpack, $40, Herschel Supply Co.

Glasses, $45, NastyGal 

What's your final verdict, collegiettes? Will you be wearing overalls on campus this season?


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