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Why We Need to Continue the Conversation About Diversity in The Fashion Blogging Industry


This article has been syndicated from C's Evolution of Style as a part of Her Campus Style's Black History Month celebration.

With it being Black History Month, I’ve been really thinking about the lack of diversity in the fashion blogging industry. While fashion has no color, imagine being a young black girl and not seeing bloggers who look like you widely represented. I was inspired by so many facets and brands of fashion but I rarely saw a dark-skinned black woman featured. As the years passed, major campaigns still show the same typical faces and bloggers.

Last year, several well-known fashion brands received public rebuke for their blatant lack of diversity and this year, major fashion houses are still releasing disturbing, racially charged clothing and accessories. Fashion and blogging have always been a way for me to be creative but also represent for women who think like me, and look like me. After 8 years of blogging, it is very disheartening to see major ad campaigns that do not feature us. We are working just as hard, investing in high-powered equipment, hiring photographers, sharing high-quality content, but the same opportunities are not being offered to us. So, with that, let's take a minute to chat about representation in the fashion blogging industry.

Lack of Diversity in the Fashion/Blogging Industry

Representation matters

My blog is centered on colorful quality fashion that can make any woman feel beautiful. Why aren’t more brands focusing on campaigns and representing ALL women? There are so many women of color that are creating and releasing crazy high-quality content. It should be the norm to see bloggers of all shapes and sizes represented in major campaigns. It should be the norm to see bloggers of all cultures being celebrated. It is 2019, and while some brands and publications are catching up, some are still way waybehind. I have lost count of how many large brands I’ve worked with who will not repost/ regram my content on their pages because I don’t fit the mold of who they usually share.

We must keep fighting

Lack of Diversity in the Fashion/Blogging IndustryWe must keep the conversation going, long after Black History Month ends. These brands and companies have a responsibility to serve their readership fresh new faces, with fresh new ideas. When they do that, they will have the eyes and hearts of said influencer's readership. It’s time we be intentional about what brands we choose to work with and support. Our dollars are powerful and we should use them wisely. There is no excuse for a lack of diversity in campaigns, commercials, and social media pages.

How you can help

When looking for new bloggers to follow in the fashion industry, search certain hashtags like #blkcreatives #blackwomenwhoblog #browngirlswhoblog, etc. We may not be showing up in your timelines based on the algorithm, but if you search for us, you’d be surprised who you find. When you find those amazing fashion bloggers who inspire you to branch out into a new style or show you how to work what you already have, share them! Share their pages or websites with your friends. Call out brands that do not showcase WOC, celebrate diverse opinions and voices. Recognize your privileges and use them to uplift and help others. If you are a blogger, collaborate with other bloggers of color. There’s enough to go around. Whatever you do, be inclusive of those that think and look differently than you!

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