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4 Trader Joe's Beauty Products You're Definitely Sleeping On


I am a firm believer that when you find a product that works for you, you stick with it. Too many times, I’ve been burned by the allure of new skincare products that promise to fix all my problems, which then cause me to break out faster than I can say "face mask." But here’s the thing: I keep trying them because truth be told, I haven’t found formulas that solidly work for my skin’s needs yet.

This week, during my latest quest to achieving flawless skin, I finally stopped by the Trader Joe’s beauty section. First impressions? I noticed right away that Trader Joe’s products are all reasonably priced and promote gentle, natural ingredients. I was also excited to find out they were cruelty-free. Most, if not all, of the products were below the $10 mark, making these super affordable especially compared to other popular brands. The collection also ranged widely, including toners, shower gels and hair masks. There is definitely a focus on skincare and natural products instead of makeup, and I decided to try a few that really stood out to me.

Micellar Cleansing Towelettes

This towelette pack stood out right away because online reviews claim it to be a "miracle" product. I mean, two products in one can be a dangerous idea (I’m looking at you, two-in-one shampoo), but the wipes seriously lived up to expectations. I was pleasantly surprised at how easily my makeup came off, and with such gentleness.

I didn’t doubt this would be a solid makeup remover, but I did wonder if it would also perform the role of a cleanser. After use, my face felt clean and refreshed, however, I still felt the need to use my regular face wash as well. This duo makes for a great addition to my skincare routine, so I will be buying a pack again.

Rose Water Facial Toner

The next TJ’s skincare I tried was the rose water toner. The ingredients intrigued me, especially since they were so limited with almost purely rose and flower extract, water and witch hazel. Some toners have the negative of irritation and drying out your skin, but this toner was very light and worked perfectly for me. It smelled so fresh, and I loved the hint of rose without it being overpowering. If you have excess oil, this toner may be too light for you. But for other students like me who tend to have dry skin (especially in the winter), this is a hydrating option. 

Pumpkin Spice Biocellulose Face Mask

I just had to try this face mask to keep the feeling of fall alive, but this was my least favorite product out of the bunch. The smell was heavy on spice. Although I think the mask made a difference in my skin, I would not purchase it again. There are so many face masks on the market that give the same effect with a lighter, more natural scent, which is more my vibe. If you’re okay with strong pumpkin spice fragrance, I will say that this mask definitely made my skin happy and was a super gentle gel product. It was just a little too fragrant for me!

Grapefruit Ginger Sugar Scrub

The last product I tried is this sugar scrub. I wanted to branch out into shower products because my current sugar scrub doesn't leave my skin as soft and exfoliated as I would like. This sugar scrub is a gel-like substance that has fine sugar particles, and it comes in a squeeze bottle, which is super convenient! It is also lightly scented with notes of grapefruit and ginger. Overall, I am obsessed with how my skin felt after use, and how it smells so fresh and rejuvenating. 

I went into Trader Joe’s beauty section unsure what to think. I left knowing I would buy three out of the four items again! The best part is how refreshed my skin felt afterward, so I will definitely be back to try some more goodies. These products exceeded my expectations, and the perks of them being natural, gentle and made in the U.S. are just other reasons to go on a Trader Joe’s run ASAP.

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