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5 Ways to Style a Sorority or Club T-Shirt


We collegiettes love to get involved on campus, be it by rushing a sorority, joining a club or supporting a sports team. And when we find something we’re passionate about, we want to show it off to the rest of campus. You don’t just have to wear your club’s T-shirt as is, though! That’s why HC has compiled a list of suggestions on how to style your Greek letters or club T-shirts in ways that are both trendy and effective at letting people know what you’re into on campus.

1. Flaunt your sorority colors

Flaunt Your Sorority Colors

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Sweaty Bands scarve


A subtle, easy way to show off your sorority pride is by rocking your colors and finishing off the look with a sorority-specific accessory. For example, if you’re a Delta Gamma sister, wearing pink and blue clothing with, say, a DG headband, a bracelet with an anchor or an anchor-printed scarf would be a cute and understated way to flaunt your pride. This look is super easy for collegiettes of all sororities to replicate because all it takes is a couple of basic pieces in the appropriate colors and an accessory or two.

2. Rock your sorority letters

Rock Your Sorority Letters


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For those of you who are all about comfort, throwing on your big, cozy sorority spirit jersey is an awesome option. Style it with a pair of colored jeans and a chic pair of flats. For cooler-weather days, layer up with a chunky scarf that’s perfect for fall. This look is comfy and stylish and is a great way to rock your sorority letters.

3. Show off your school spirit

School Spirit


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Whether you’re going to a football tailgate or going to cheer on the soccer team, you definitely want to look effortlessly chic while still making it very clear who you’re rooting for. A super simple way to do this while still staying warm on those chilly game nights is to layer a school spirit T-shirt under a flannel with a pair of dark-wash jeans. Leave the flannel unbuttoned so your team shirt is on display and there’s no mistake whom you’re there to support!

4. Put your club pride on display

Club Pride

Need to recruit new members for your club? Dressing the part certainly helps! Dressing well while promoting your organization will definitely help your club stand out. Take your club T-shirt or tank and tuck it into a skater skirt. Finish the look with a cute pair of booties. You’ll look awesome and will hopefully catch the attention of some new recruits!

5. Look professional as a club leader

Club Leader

Black blazer



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Having a networking event for your club? Holding a meeting on behalf of your club? You definitely want to look business savvy while still spreading awareness about your club, and rocking a chic blazer over your club T-shirt will do just that. Wear a pair of dark-wash jeans, which are a little fancier than lighter-colored jeans, and put on a pair of pumps so there will be no denying who’s in charge!

With these cool outfit ideas, hopefully you found some inspiration for how to show off your love for your organization! Have another cute way to flaunt your club pride? Let us know in the comments below!


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