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Why Winter Break is High-Key The Best Time to Get Ahead on All Your Goals


I think we can all agree that as soon as the first snow touches the ground, curling up in bed and watching Netflix has NEVER sounded better. While it is absolutely necessary to give yourself all the TLC you need in the colder months, it’s also super easy to get off track when it comes to your goals and productivity!

Luckily for us, salvation comes right when we need it: winter break. I mean, what's better than getting a few weeks during the holidays to refresh your mindset before going after your goals again? Sounds like perfect timing to me. However, so much free time can be overwhelming when it comes to getting back on track with your goals. This is totally understandable and is something we all struggle with.

So, let's overcome the notorious cold weather slump together with these easy tips and tricks for making winter break the ultimate opportunity to refresh your mindset and get after your goals!

1. Use a goal-setting notebook

This is my go-to tip for anyone who wants to get back into a productive mindset! The possibilities are endless when it comes to getting back your motivation during winter break. Use the free time you have to think of your goals for the next semester and be sure to jot them down. Personally, I also love using notebooks for writing down inspirational quotes and any ideas that come to me in the spur of the moment. One of my favorite ways to gain some major motivational inspo is listening to a good career podcast! I love to write down inspiring quotes while listening when I hear something that resonates with my goals and plans for the future. Notebooks are also a great way of giving yourself a space to clear your mind when you feel overwhelmed with school and other commitments. For example, dedicating a few pages a week to bullet journaling is a fun and creative way to write out to-do lists, de-stress and organize your thoughts!

2. Re-organize your calendar

One of the best advantages of winter break is that it gives you time to step away from all the hustle and bustle of the school year and focus on things that you might have pushed down to the bottom of your to-do list. For me, having an organized calendar is essential for productivity, because it allows you to know exactly what to expect days, weeks, or even months from now.

Not only is having an organized calendar great for planning out when to work on assignments and other tasks, it's also great for goal setting. Even the simplest things like implementing a 'laundry day' into your calendar every week will help keep you accountable for things that are easily forgotten. Better yet, include bigger goals in your calendar with the time frame you hope to achieve them by to keep you motivated!

3. Spend time with people you look up to

This tip is totally underrated, but it can do so much when it comes to deciding what your long-term goals are, and how to achieve them. Winter break is the perfect time to connect with the family and friends you admire, giving you the opportunity to go on as many coffee dates as your heart desires to learn more about their career path (or anything else you might find interesting about them)! Don't be afraid to reach out to someone even if you haven't talked in a while; almost everyone is willing to share their story with people who are interested in listening and learning.

4. Indulge in some self-care

Finding your motivation and the perfect productive mindset requires a balance, so make sure you are taking care of yourself along the way! It is super easy to get caught up in living your most productive life, so don't forget to give yourself some time to breathe. Everyone has different methods of self-care, so choose a few things that you love to do to unwind and try to implement that into your routine a couple of times a week. Whether it’s a warm bubble bath, baking holiday cookies or spending time with your family, don't forget how important it is to hit 'pause' every once in a while and regroup as you go after your goals. 

5. Check in with yourself

Staying mindful is so important when it comes to goal setting. When you set goals, make a habit of checking on your progress and your mindset on a weekly or monthly basis. Remember, goals change, so don't be too hard on yourself if you find yourself leaning in a different direction! The most important thing is staying focused on your happiness and what you need to do to achieve it! Checking in with yourself provides a great opportunity to hold yourself accountable, as well as to ensure that you're staying mindful when it comes to maintaining a positive mindset.

With these tips, I am confident that you will be able to get into that boss babe mindset you were destined to have. Want to show off your winter break productivity? Be sure to tag @hercampus on Instagram and Twitter!

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