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10 Things You’re Going to Love About This Semester


Want to win $1,000? Tell us what you’re excited about this semester by posting on your favorite social media platform using the hashtag #ZAPtastic and tagging @Tanda and @HerCampus, and you’ll be entered in the drawing for $1,000 to go towards whatever it is you need to have a #ZAPtastic semester. Just saying, that’s a lot of shoes… And you definitely have a lot to get pumped about already (at least 10 things, by our count)!

Complain all you want about your psych. homework and waking up for 9 a.m. lecture, but we all know that this semester is going to be the best one ever. Whether you’re taking the class of your dreams, finally working up the courage to talk to your long-time crush or taking on a new leadership responsibility in your sorority, you know you’re going to rock it. Need some inspiration for your entries? Check out all the things you have to be excited about now that it’s finally fall.

1. You get to live near people with the same goals as you.

2. You get to take the coolest electives. History of the high heel, anyone?

3. Your best friends live super close to you again (thank goodness!). Frozen yogurt and Scandal marathons every night? We think yes.

4. Back-to-school shopping can be a semester-long occurrence. Yeah, we’re pretty sure we need those super cozy oversize boyfriend sweaters.

5. You get to ogle that cutie in your lit class three times a week…and (maybe) you’ll finally find the courage to ask them out.

6. The dining hall is a magical haven of unlimited and delicious food.

7. You’ve picked up some dope dance moves since coming back to school. Seriously. You can break it down.

8. You work out all the time (hello, free gym!)—and love it. Bikini body in October? We could be into that!

9. You get to befriend that random girl who’s in all your classes. What’s her name? Oh, who cares – you love her!

10. You’ll have crystal-clear skin this semester—zap your zits within 24 hours with the dermatologist-loved LED technology of TandaZap($39.99 at Tanda.com)!

With clear skin and confidence, you can rock this semester!


Get ready for an incredible semester, collegiettes—and don’t forget to post your #ZAPtastic moment on social media and tag @Tanda and @HerCampus! You could win $1,000!

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