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6 Weird Ways to Get Caffeinated


We’ve all been there—the day after an all-nighter, the 8 a.m. class, the midday internship slump or those days where we’re just plain tired. We aren’t getting the sleep we need in college. We feel like we have to do it all. Since napping may not always be possible, sometimes we have to turn to caffeine. Coffee and soda are just dandy most of the time, but there are stranger ways to get the caffeine boost you so badly need.

A cup of coffee traditionally has 10-15 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce, or about 80-120 mg per cup. So we’ve searched for fun, wacky products to get a comparable caffeine boost. From beef jerky to candy, we’ve got you covered with cutting-edge ways to get caffeinated.

1. Sprayable Energy 

Sprayable Energy provides caffeine straight to your skin. The odorless, clear liquid is sprayed on your neck (like your favorite perfume) and absorbed into your system. It comes in sleek bottles, which each hold 160 sprays. The starter pack is $15, but after you become addicted to this caffeine boost, you can get the month pack for only $29 per month. Goodbye, barista who can’t spell your name!

2. Jolt Energy Gum

Instead of just making your breath minty fresh, Jolt Energy Gum also gets you amped. It fits in your pocket better than a mug of coffee, and each piece has only five calories. It’s also a super efficient way of getting an energy blast—two pieces would be about the same as your typical mug of coffee. 

3. Avitae Caffeinated Water

This water doesn’t yellow your teeth or fill you with empty calories. This product uses only natural caffeine and no carbonation—it tastes just like water! It’s the perfect choice for those collegiettes who still haven’t warmed up to the strong taste of coffee. It has 45- and 90-mg options, so you can pick how much caffeine you need.

4. Java Pops

Java Pops are coffee-flavored lollipops that contain 60 mg of caffeine each. It’s a fun, tasty way to get energized on the go, no matter where you are. How many licks does it take to stay awake through your 8 a.m.?

5. Perky Jerky

Have you ever wished you could combine the buzz from your coffee with the joy of eating a Slim Jim? Now you can! Perky Jerky has 150 mg of caffeine per ounce. This salty treat makes for a great study snack because it’s also packed with protein, so you’ll be doubly energized and filled up to power through that late-night library session.

6. Spot On Energy Patches

Spot On Energy patches are like coffee you can wear! Similar in theory to a nicotine patch, you just pop one of these bad boys on for the day, and it will fuel you through anything. With 65 mg of caffeine per Spot On energy patch, this is for the serious days when you want a caffeine IV. Wear it on your stomach, arm or back, and you’ll be subtly getting caffeine at all hours of the day.


Of course, experts are not in favor of an all-the-time caffeine diet, so we don’t recommend plastering your body with caffeine patches to get through finals. You can try non-caffeinated snacks for a more natural approach, but the only true cure for tiredness issleep. But on occasion, caffeine is just what you need to get rid of a bad case of the Mondays. And now you have six new ways to get your fix! 

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