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Make It Work: Converse


When I go, I want to be buried in my Converses. So far, they’ve been the perfect life partner: reliable, loyal and always fashionable. I try to incorporate Converses into every outfit I can—here are my top four favorite ways to wear them.

1. Boy Meets Girl Meets World

Boy Meets Girl Meets World

J. Crew Long-Sleeved Jeweled Necklace Tee, $40.61

Gap Sexy Boyfriend Jean, $69.95

BaubleBar Bolt Hinge Bracelet, $30

To play up the masculine quality of Converses, I love pairing them with boyfriend jeans. However, the key to a great androgynous outfit is also adding in some feminine elements, which is why I love this girly striped top (what an adorable neckline!) and silver bangle. This look would be great for class or lunch with your friends.

2. I'm So Flirty

Throwback Thursday

Tobi Chasing Ruffles Crop Top, $23

American Apparel Natural Denim Circle Skirt in Salmon, $23

Topshop Brogue Crossbody Bag, $60

As a “fun-sized” collegiette—I’m only 5’3—I know all the other petite ladies out there will share my appreciation for high-waisted skirts, which make our legs seem … well, if not limo-long, at least longer than a Smart Car. Actually, everyone’s legs can benefit from the enhancing effects of high-rise bottoms! This crop top keeps the flirty vibe going, while a brown cross-body bag is perfect for holding all your essentials while you skip around town (this skirt was made for skipping.) Converses keep the outfit from being too dressy for day.

3. Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks

BDG Tartan Plaid Button-Down Shirt, $49

Forever 21 Cuffed Distressed Denim Shorts, $15.80

H&M Knit Hat, $9.95

Of course, at some point in your Converse career you just have to rock the ‘90s grunge look. Whip out that flannel, girl! Denim shorts are the obvious accompaniment; however, I like to keep the rips to a minimum so that the ensemble doesn’t go too far in the grunge direction. A beanie is a great way to literally cap things off.

4. Uptown Goes Downtown

Uptown Goes Downtown

Boohoo Victoria Chiffon Top Bodysuit, $24

ModCloth Charter School Cardigan in Sky, $34

LuLu’s Bed of Posies Coral Floral Midi Print Skirt, $40

River Island Silver Tone Cluster Rhinestone Earrings, $6

Kohl’s Steel City Stainless Steel Stack Ring Set, $16

Thought Converses couldn’t be classy? Think again. I absolutely love adding them to a girly outfit. However, to avoid looking like I accidentally put the wrong shoes on in the morning, I make sure every other piece I wear is super femme. This floaty midi skirt is what dreams are made of—mine, at least. And this bodysuit is total genius! Once you tuck it in, you look like you’re wearing a floaty top… but you skip the annoying, pull-down-your-shirt-every-two-seconds factor.

The number of ways you can style Converses is almost infinite. Personally, I plan on wearin' them up until I die—and yup, they're definitely coming in my coffin. 

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