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5 Must-Visit LA Cafes That Will Take Your IG Feed to The Next Level


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LA is well known for its amazing, ambient cafe culture that has attracted people to visit from across the world. Whether they want to experience the LA life or just to take pictures for their Instagram feed, the cafes of LA are actual works of art.

As someone who knows the LA area, I've decided to hand-pick my fave aesthetically pleasing (and highly Instagrammable) cafes in LA. Whether you're trying to spice up your Instagram game or just looking to enjoy a beautiful atmosphere, these are the top 5 places to do so.

1. Alfred Tea Room in Melrose



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As some of you might have seen on a famous influencer's feed, Alfred Tea Room is no different to creative paradise when it comes to their undeniably fashionable pink decor! This petite-sized tea room is a counter service spot that offers a variety of drinks and pastries.

I love taking my friends here since Alfred Tea Room is in the heart of West Los Angeles (Melrose), surrounded by other insta-worthy places, such as the famous Paul Smith’s pink wall. If you’re lucky enough with the timing of your visit, you might run into celebrity tea drinkers. You might even get a chance to ask them for pictures or autographs!

2. Teapop in North Hollywood



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Teapop is one of the most popular cafes for North Hollywood locals. The ambiance is impeccably filled with cool vibes and hipsters. They have a modern space featuring original artwork and a large patio, along with their premium tea and coffee. Teapop hosts monthly events featuring local artists and vendors, so if you check out their schedule on their website, you’ll be able to network with new talent.

My favorite part about Teapop is their spacious outdoor seating area. Most cafes tend to have small space but that’s not the case here. The outdoor patio has such cute decor all over the place, as well as a dog-friendly environment. This place is also perfect for bringing your dog, relaxing while reading a book or just listening to the sound of the environment while sipping on a refreshing boba tea. 

3. Dinosaur Coffee in Silver Lake



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If you’re into dinosaurs, this coffee house is a must. There's a strong Jurassic theme, with a drawing of a Stegosaurus embellishing all of their cardboard drink sleeves. Dinosaur Coffee feels less like a coffee shop and more like a modern museum. This space is filled with wooden fixtures and topped off by an open counter kitchen in the middle of the shop.

The laid back ambiance and cool dinosaur designs aren’t the only things they are known for. This coffeehouse serves made-to-order java drinks featuring San Francisco’s Four-Barrel Coffee roasts, teas, and an assortment of pastries. It's also great for reading books or doing some studying. For perfect Instagrammable pictures, go to the very back of the shop where the rainbow tapestry is!

4. White & Brown Cafe in Korea Town



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White & Brown Cafe is the hidden gem located in the hipster section of LA’s Korea Town. This cafe has a relaxing and cozy atmosphere, with a fake leaf wall and huge blackboard in the very back of the store, where they switch up drawings from time to time. This cafe offers a variety of healthy drinks from coffee, bubble tea and smoothies. They also have a juice bar.

I love their cheese foam on top of their premium oolong tea. Their cheese foam is really sweet and has a rich, whipped cream like texture, so make sure you’ll have enough space in your belly in order to fully appreciate their drinks. All items on their drink menu are blended with natural ingredients and real fruits so you always get the freshest drink on the go! The best area to take Instagram pictures is either at the leaf wall or by the blackboard in the back of the cafe. Also, cheese foam smoothies and fruit drinks are my go-to for colorful beverage pictures.

5. Spoon by H in Fairfax



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This cafe is hands down one of my favorite places to take pictures for Instagram. Everything about this cafe is so colorful and cute, from the interior to the drinks and dessert. It’s literally the definition of aesthetic heaven. Spoon by H is a cozy, family-owned cafe where they prep everything from scratch with the best ingredients available. It's located in the heart of the Fairfax District in a strip mall and is easily accessible if you’re in the LA area.

My favorite thing about Spoon by H is their extra decorative dessert and refreshing drinks. This cafe is my number one when it comes to the game of Instagrammable desserts. Everything they create is a piece of art, so you can effortlessly make a centerpiece post for your Instagram. I recommend taking pictures on the left side of the cafe where they display a bunch of art on the wall. Also, make sure to check out their Instagram first to plan out which pieces you want to add to your Instagram collection.

Having appealing Instagram pictures and enjoying delicious drinks and desserts at the same time is pretty easy, especially when you visit these places. Make a whole day out of visiting them or stop in for a quick coffee and pic.

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