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17 Signs You Go to College in the South


Whether you've found your way to the South as an out-of-stater or you're a homegrown Southern belle, you know that you're one of the lucky ones. You've managed to find your way to one of the best places in the country to go to school, and you're about to have a great time. The schools of the South are unlike anything in this world. Here are some things you'll experience going to a Southern university. 

1. Girls dress up for a tailgate like they're going to a semi-formal event. 

We want to look great while we have a great time. Nothing wrong with that. 

2. Football isn't just a sport; it's a way of life. 

You've seen grown men cry over this sport. 

3. You own one pair of cowboy boots, at least. 

And you don't wear them as a part of a Halloween costume. 

4. You like your tea like you like your men: strong and sweet.

You become pretty great at judging the sweetness after just a sip. 

5. You've bought yourself some camo, even though you've never been hunting in your life. 

Hey, it's a trend. 

6. Sorority girls are everywhere, and they make the whole Nike-shorts-and-an-oversized-T-shirt outfit with a full face of makeup and perfectly done hair look like a totally normal thing. 

And a lady always looks her best. 

7. When someone says "Bless your heart," you know what they really mean. 

And it isn't what you initially thought.

8. The first few weeks (or months) of school have a weather forecast of "hot,""hot and humid" or "hot, humid and miserable."

So don't bother doing your hair. 

9. You always resent the fact that Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays.  

And you will never stop craving it on that godforsaken day. Ever. 

10. You may not fully understand the reasoning behind the Lilly Pulitzer fad, but now you know it's not just a fad.

It is a lifestyle that every Southern woman embraces.

11. Similarly, you wonder why people think Chacos are a good idea on a daily basis. 

They're what you're mom would call, "a sensible shoe," mixed with Jesus sandals. 

12. You know how angry it makes some people if you forget to write a thank-you note.

"Could you believe she didn't even send a thank-you note? So rude."

13. School has shut down before because of the threat of snow.

Hell, the entire city has shut down because of a single flake.  

14. If you're a transplant, your face looked something like this when you first said "y'all." 

"What have I done?!"

15. And your Southern friends were like, 

"It has finally happened."

16. The first time someone answered your professor with a, "Yes, ma'am," you were like, 

Maybe it's all the sweet tea that makes the people so daggum sweet. 

17. The parties at your school put parties at schools in other parts of the country to shame. 

Yes, Leo. Yes, we do. 


So when life gives you lemons, put them in your sweet tea and thank your lucky stars that you're in the South!

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