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My 5 Style Must-Haves: Vanessa Barcus


It was love at first sight when we started scrolling through Denver-based boutique Goldyn's online shop. The brick-and-mortar store was founded in 2007 by Vanessa Barcus, a Colorado-born fashionista who became inspired by the fashion-forward mindset of LA and decided to bring cutting-edge style back to her home state. Her Campus was lucky enough to be able to talk with Barcus about her vision for Goldyn as well as her own personal style, including her must-have fashion items.

The chic and minimalist boutique has gained an impressive following in Denver for offering carefully chosen and unique designer pieces from brands like Helmut Lang, A.P.C., Loeffler Randall and Vince, as well as tons of smaller, more independent designers like Selin Kent, Elizabeth Knight and Carrie Hoffman. "Goldyn's aesthetic usually veers toward minimalist-chic, yet always with a dose of downtown edginess," Barcus says. "Occasionally we can go a bit more bohemian as well, but minimalism is usually our core look."

Goldyn's aesthetic is evident in the selection of clothing for both men and women as well as its accessories, beauty products and a drool-worthy collection of unique and statement-making jewelry. "We try to curate things that are on-trend, yet that are timeless and classic," Barcus says. "Pieces that aren't going to go out of style anytime soon and will be wardrobe staples for a while."

Goldyn's timeless approach to fashion shows in Barcus's own personal style, which draws inspiration from all facets of life: "I'm constantly inspired by art, music and different subcultures (think: punk culture, mod culture, etc.)," Barcus says. "Musicians are particularly inspiring to me - especially women like Karen O. from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Patti Smith; strong women who aren't afraid to just be themselves and put it out there." Barcus's #GIRLBOSS approach to fashion is not only inspiring, but it translates into some pretty amazing pieces inspired by the '90s, minimalism and a variety of textures, all of which play a role in Barcus's own style.

Of course, with such amazing insight into the fashion world and such a success with Goldyn, we were super curious about what pieces and style staples Barcus can't live without, and her picks did not disappoint. Without further ado, we now present the ultra-fashionable Vanessa Barcus's five style must-haves and how to wear them, straight from the style icon herself!

1. A motorcycle jacket

"A black leather motorcycle jacket (like the one above we have coming this Fall from French line Iro, who makes leather jackets to die for) goes over anything and everything, and makes just about any outfit look a bit more bad-a$#." (Psst—since this one isn't available yet, shop this collegiette budget-friendly jacket now!)

2. Ankle boots
"Ankle boots are super versatile (you can wear them with anything from jeans to a dress), and are chic and comfortable. Rachel Comey makes my favorite style, the Mars Bootie."
3. A good LBD
"It sounds cliché, but a good LBD is key. There's always going to be some last minute event or dinner going on, and the LBD is clutch in those situations. That doesn't mean it needs to be boring though—Helmut Lang makes insanely beautiful knit dresses that are comfortable and incredibly flattering, and always have a bit of extra detailing that ensures they're anything but plain."
4. Leather leggings
"Yes, I am totally serious. They're an investment, but well worth it. I pair my leather leggings with EVERYTHING: a cable knit sweater, a blazer, a ripped-up tee—you name it. They just make everything look a little cooler."
5. A statement piece
"Every wardrobe needs one really stunning statement piece. We just got in Ryan Roche's incredible Fall line of cashmere sweaters, including her Furry Cardigan that's a real standout—very Almost Famous. It takes an outfit from boring to show-stopping, and yet at the same time is very easily wearable."
Now that we're all thoroughly infatuated with Vanessa Barcus's one-of-a-kind style and the manifestation of that personal style in the uniquely cool Goldyn boutique, head on over to the online shop and pick up a few of your own must-have items (we know you want to). And don't forget to follow Goldyn on Instagram @shopgoldyn, Twitter @goldyn and Pinterest for the boutique's latest news as well as for some serious style inspiration.


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