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Kylie Jenner Released Her Skincare Line & So Far, Opinions Are Mixed


Kylie Jenner is officially branching out of the cosmetics after she announced Friday that she was launching a skincare line, Kylie Skin.

On Friday, May 10th, the beauty mogul and reality star revealed that her upcoming skincare line would be available starting May 22nd and teased the “vegan, cruelty free, paraben and sulfate free” products with its millennial pink packaging.

The following day, the new Kylie Skin Instagram account posted a photo of the first product in the skincare lineup, which is likely the first step in your skincare routine: a foaming face wash. The picture featured the bottom of the bottle of Kylie’s Foaming Face Wash, surrounded by bubbles and the caption, “first step. 💦.”



first step. 💦 #KylieSkin

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According to Kylie’s IG stories, the Foaming Face Wash was the very first product she created in her new skincare line.

“I knew exactly what I wanted,” she said on Saturday, adding that the face wash’s formula is “so luxurious.”

According to Teen Vogue, the rest of the Kylie Skin family, which will be available for purchase on May 22nd at KylieSkin.com and are all priced under $30, was revealed Saturday evening.

A very pink video clip of Kylie’s six initial skincare products being splashed with some sort of milk-like liquid was posted on the Kylie Skin Instagram account, with the caption “the skin set  💕.” The post also introduced the Kylie Skin lineup — foaming face wash, walnut face scrub, vanilla milk toner, face moisturizer, vitamin c serum and eye cream — with the post touting that the new skincare line with leave you with “beautiful, glowy, healthy skin.”

Kylie walked her Instagram followers through her new line on her IG story, emphasizing that her collection is suitable for all skin types, but added that she is going to be creating personalized products for different skin types in the future.

The Kylie Skin Instagram account, which already has a million followers, has plenty of comments already, and opinions of the new skincare line are mixed to say the least, according to Allure.

One concerned commenter said, “Girl, you know Walnuts are not good for the skin right?”, referring to how crushed walnut particles in facial scrubs are considered by some to be too harsh an exfoliator on facial skin.

Another commenter, who lists she is a licensed aesthetician, said, “Walnut is the WORST thing you can EVER use to exfoliate your skin!!!! I’m constantly having to repair that damage from people!

“Look at all these “know it all’s” trying to teach US ESTHETICIANS what’s good for the skin. lmao 👀 clearly y’all don’t know a thing about skin care,” one user, who is a licensed esthetician, said.  

“We love an affordable billionaire,” one user wrote.

Some fans were apprehensive about the skincare line.

“A mini series on ur gram on how u take care of ur skin in the morning everyday for a month will give this a major and it will restore our trust to this amazing idea and product am sure, no doubt,” one fan wrote.

Another fan echoed those same sentiments, writing, “Kylie, I would love to see how you use your own products in yourself and maybe show us results in real-time,. I think that would make everyone more comfortable with purchasing your products. Also if you could release the list of ingredients of each item that would be extremely helpful!”

One highly liked comment reads, “Waiting for an ingredient list, I hope Kylie's team will be transparent,” to which Kylie Skin responded that the ingredients are “coming soon.”

Kylie Skin says “we’re telling the story of each product very soon,” so hopefully we’ll know more about each product before the launch.

Other fans were excited about Kylie’s new beauty venture, with one fan writing, “I'm SO excited to try this!!!” and another saying, “I cannot wait!!!!”

But there is definitely one person who is ready for Kylie’s new beauty line: Kris Jenner.

On Sunday, which happened to be Mother’s Day, the momager appeared in a Kylie Skin video, explaining how skin care has always been important to her. Jenner reminds you when and where to get her daughter’s new beauty products at the end of the video, along with a cute cameo by Kylie’s daughter, Stormi.

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