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My Personal Faves For Your Ultimate Summer of Self-Care



Not to be dramatic, but summer is just a daily, fresh hell of sweating and coming into contact with other people’s sweat as far as I’m concerned. I live in New York City, and the entire island is basically an IRL microwave come June. My only saving grace comes from those little treat yo’self moments throughout the day—like feeling my freshly shaved legs rub together under my desk or popping a fresh piece of gum after I’ve spent the morning guzzling iced coffee. Here, all of my favorite products for getting through a heat wave and having the ultimate summer of self-care. 

 innisfree Cica Balm 

If you have sensitive skin, then you’re more than familiar with the wonders of Korean skincare. innisfree is the number one beauty brand in Korea, and if your skin freaks out anytime you try a new peel, scrub or mask, their new Cica Balm is the answer to your prayers. The gentle (K-Beauty’s claim to fame in the good ol’ U.S of A.) formula contains superstar ingredients like Bija Seed Oil and Centella Asiatica (nicknamed Cica) to gently moisturize and repair your skin’s protective barrier—sans irritation. This gel-type balm can work MAGIC to protect your face from all things summer. 

You can use Cica Balm in place of your usual moisturizer to help care for troubled skin. Layer it over acne treatment to avoid those nasty dry flakes or use it in a more targeted way by dotting it just on the places you’re worried about, and then following up with your usual moisturizer.  

Carefree Acti-Fresh Twist Resist Liners 

Listen to me when I tell you that panty liners are the most underrated weapon in your period arsenal. When your period is getting lighter in those last couple of days (the home stretch!) or even just in between periods, a lightweight liner that keeps you fresh is an obvious essential. 

The best part, if you ask me? Carefree’s Acti-Fresh Twist Resist liners minimize bunching and twisting, so you can go on with your daily hustles in your favorite pair of white shorts this summer.  

Skintimate Vanilla Sugar Disposable Razor 

Moving forward, I am only interested in using razors with a vanilla sugar-scented handle. Please, and thank you! The fragrance from this razor mixes with the steam in my shower to make my whole bathroom smell like a rich person’s candle, and its four (!!!) blades give me the a closer shave on my legs and bikini line with fewer nicks, cuts and bumps.  

Skintimate Raspberry Rain Shave Gel 

There is truly no better feeling in life than being clean, moisturized and climbing into freshly washed sheets. Take your skin’s moisture barrier to paradise with Skintimate’s Raspberry Rain Shave Gel (has anything sounded more refreshing EVER?). Its creamy formula lathers into a delightful foam to hydrate while I shave, protecting my skin from dryness and irritation.  

VERB Ghost Shampoo & Conditioner 

While you’re having an in-shower spa day with Skintimate, go ahead and treat yourself a scalp massage with Ghost Shampoo and Ghost Conditioner from VERB. Its sudsy formula creates a foamy, satisfying lather to remove excess oil, sweat and grime from your scalp (healthy hair needs a healthy foundation). Then slather on a glob of Ghost conditioner (don’t be shy) for smooth, detangled hair. 

Extra Refreshers Gum 

I can replace all of my water intake with iced coffee during the summer, right? Wrong (apparently). But since I can’t be expected to quit cold turkey, I rely on Extra Refreshers Gum to keep me ~literally~ refreshed and ready for anything—from meetings, to socializing with my desk-mates to date night with my boyfriend (hi, Sean!). When I break out a pack at work, I magically become everyone’s BFF (because the fruity and minty flavors are a refreshing hit), and what better way to give your work wife that extra boost of fresh breath confidence before her pitch, say thank you for lunch or connect with someone new.  

BTW, if you want to win these goodies for yourself, you’re in luck—we’re hosting an amazing summer giveaway RTFN! Enter here!

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