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4 Ways to Make Money Online


If you’re looking for some extra spending money, why not use your Internet expertise to make some cash? There are plenty of ways to get paid for your talents online. You don’t have to be a web genius to get noticed—it’s actually much simpler than you’d think! Many websites are willing to pay you for your feedback or your creativity. Check out these tech-savvy ways to make some extra money!

1. Offer your opinions

If you’re the type of person who enjoys giving feedback, surveys are a great way to make money. Some of these survey sites pay you a flat fee per survey, while others pay you based on your involvement. Sites such as MySurvey and Swagbucks  offer different opportunities to participate in consumer research. You can review different products and services and sometimes make up to five dollars per survey or get paid in gift cards.

“I took online surveys this summer to make extra money, and it was super easy,” says Elise Chapdelaine, a junior at Michigan State University. “I made a decent amount, and most surveys only took up to 15 to 25 minutes.”

2. Use your social media expertise

Calling all social media queens! Believe it or not, you can use your Twitter skills to make money. Sites like IZEA actually give you money to tweet out updates in order to promote companies’ brands. You can sign up for free to be a creator, as long as you have a substantial Twitter following. All you have to do is explain why you would be a good promoter for a specific company, and you can make up to $50 for just a few tweets. Why not get paid to go hashtag crazy?

3. Get paid for your photos

We’re all guilty of getting a little snap-happy with our camera phones from time to time, but don’t delete any photos just yet! There are tons of stock photo websites that will buy your most artsy pictures. With Foap, you can post photos online or through the iPhone app for companies to browse. You can upload as many photos as you want, and if one gets chosen, you make an easy five dollars. You may just end up seeing your photo on a major advertisement, collegiettes!

4. Make money with your sense of humor

Not only is writing articles good practice and a resume builder, but some websites will actually offer you money for it! If you love writing and have a great sense of humor, try submitting your work to CollegeHumor. If the editors like your article, you can make a flat fee of $25 dollars. An added bonus is that the more online traffic your piece gets, the more money you can make!

Making money online is simple and can help you develop awesome skills for the future. With these methods, you can make your own hours and participate as often as you want! Whether you love photography, writing, giving your opinions or even tweeting, there’s an opportunity out there for you.

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