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We Went To Happy Place & OMG, This Pop-Up Is Any Instagrammer's Dream


So, Instagram pop-ups are a thing and I can't help but have major FOMO every time I see one on my Insta feed. When I heard that Happy Place was making their way to Boston, I literally couldn't contain my excitement (and had to start planning out my Insta moments immediately). This traveling pop-up experience is everything you've ever dreamed of and more. 

Gina (HC's resident beauty expert), Edel (HC's video editor-extraordinaire) &Felicity (AKA me, HC's style content guru) had the opportunity to check out Happy Place right here in Boston before it opened (thanks, Happy Place!), and it's safe to say it's one of the happiest places on Earth (sorry, Disney). Not only did we have an absolute blast jumping in a giant ball pit, snacking on some free donuts and lattes, and dancing around like fools, but we also happened to snap some extremely Instagrammable photos. Seriously, though:

Plus, we probably have enough photos of prime Instagram content to last through the rest of 2019. So many photo opps, y'all. With that, here are our favorite photo moments from Happy Place: 

An entire wall of gum

Who knew gumball machines were such a good backdrop?

The cutest love-themed room

We fell in love with this room, TBH.

A quick bath in monochromatic magic

I suddenly need a neon bathtub. 

A chain maze to get lost in

For when you want a fierce photo with major editorial mag vibes. 

The prettiest, sparkliest backdrop

It 's literally the perfect set up for your new profile pic.

A room dedicated to my fave dessert

A room dedicated to all things cookies? I. Can't.

Neon signs are my weakness

We stan a giant neon 'HAPPY' sign.

An upside down room that will completely blow your mind

Mind. blown.

A literal floating garden

This one was easily my favorite photo opps — you get the most magical photos from this room.

The ball pit was an actual pot of gold under a rainbow

Who knew swimming in a ball pit would be so fun (and TBH, so hard to get out of).

A downpour of rainbow confetti in the world's largest confetti dome

Don't mind a little rain when it's confetti.

Thanks for the memories (and beautiful photos), Happy Place!

The votes are in (and by votes, I mean Gina, Edel, and I's votes) — Happy Place is indeed one of the happiest pop-ups we've ever witnessed. This is the perfect Saturday afternoon activity or a quick post-class pick-me-up. Be sure to visit Happy Place while they're in town — you'll definitely be feeling oh so joyous after your visit (especially with all that new IG material). 

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