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5 Cashmere Staples for Under $100


It’s getting cold out there, ladies! Not like the type of cold that requires three pairs of leggings under your pants and four parkas just to keep you from freezing (although that type is coming, believe us)—but the type of cold where you walk out your door in the morning and are confronted by a chill big enough to confirm that yes, summer is over.

In preparation for the autumnal chill that is just around the corner, as well as the hopefully-not-polar-vortex winter that is also fast approaching (sorry), we’ve rounded up some of the coziest cashmere options on the shelves right now. From gloves to sweaters, we’ve got you covered – and all for under $100! You’ll be able to leave your dorm in the morning warm, cozy and ready to take on the day.

1. Oversized cardigan

Sweater, UNIQLO, $99.90

Slip this luxurious cardigan over any outfit to complete your look and keep you warm. We love the borrowed-from-grandpa look as well as the fact that this is maybe the most affordable cashmere cardigan in the world.

2. High-tech gloves

Gloves, Portolano, $45

Send rapid-fire text messages without sacrificing your hands to the frozen air with these functional and stylish gloves. We love the bright emerald color, which will add some interest to your winter gear, and are obsessed with the iTouch technology, which lets you type on a smartphone screen without having to take your mittens off!

3. Warm Beanie

Hat, UNIQLO, $29.90

Throw this cashmere beanie on to hide a bad hair day or “top off” an awesome outfit. The blue hue goes with virtually anything, at $29.90, it’s a price you seriously can’t beat. 

4. Socks fit for a princess

Socks, J.Crew, $88

Word on the street is that Kate Middleton herself wears cashmere socks from Corgi Hosiery, so why shouldn’t you, too? These indulgently soft socks will protect your feet from the elements, no matter how cold or wet the outdoors may be. Tuck them into boots or wear ‘em around the house in lieu of slippers and may your feet be happy for all time.

5. Scarves for Infinity

Scarf, Portolano, $65

This ivory infinity scarf can also be worn as a snood (scarf-hood) with any of your favorite cold-weather ensembles. The silhouette is super chic, so don’t be surprised if you’re mistaken for a street-style star whilst traversing campus with a scarf like this one around your neck.


With cashmere like this, who cares how cold it gets outside? Stay chic (and warm!), collegiettes! 

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