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21 Signs You Go to College in New England


Whether you're a Cali girl at heart or a born-and-bred Vermonter, you can't deny that there's something magically distinctive about New England that sets it apart from every other region. Maybe it's the people, the rich American history, the amazing schools or the stunning landscapes that range from rolling green hills and imposing mountain ranges to gorgeous rocky beaches. If you're lucky enough to go to school in this idyllic corner of the country, then you'll definitely recognize these 21 signs you go to college in New England.

1. Your Instagram feed is full of photos like this:

2. It rains too often for heels to ever be a good decision.

You're much better off sticking with New England's footwear of choice:

3. When it comes to beverages, cider (whether of the alcoholic or nonalcoholic variety) is the obvious choice.

4. You know that there's nothing quite like a windswept New England beach.

5. Regardless of which team you were raised to root for, this man is now your hero:

6. Whenever you have a long weekend, Montreal is the obvious choice for a road trip, especially if you're not yet 21.

7. Flannel might as well be your school uniform.

8. Apple-picking is a startlingly common first date.

9. Maybe it's due to your proximity to Canada, but the most popular sport on campus is invariably hockey.

10. NoShavember could be an Olympic sport at your school.

11. You're guilty of wearing sweats under your miniskirt on your walk to frat parties in the winter.

12. There's a 75 percent chance your campus features an idyllic chapel of some sort complete with a prominent spire.

13. You take pride in the fact that you've survived a New England winter.

14. You actually know what the NESCAC is.

It's the New England Small College Athletic Conference, in case you were wondering.

15. You see a lot of this on your campus:

16. And a lot of this:

17. This is your reaction when someone says he or she doesn't ski or snowboard:

18. This is how everyone on campus looks on the first sunny day in March:

19. Dunkin' Donuts is not just a coffee shop; It's a way of life.

20. Class never gets canceled, so this is what you have to do to make it to class during a blizzard:

21. At least one of your professors has an accent like this:

Whether your school is nestled in the bucolic hills and mountain ranges...

... or located along the pictureseque coastline...

... you know just how lucky you are to live and learn in what is arguably the most beautiful part of the country. 

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