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Everyone On Twitter Is Obsessed With The Possible Eleven & Max Friendship In Season 3 Of 'Stranger Things'


On Wednesday, Netflix released the first full-length trailer for season three of Stranger Things, and we finally got our first glimpse into what Mike, Eleven and the rest of the gang have been up to. Not only did the trailer feature a ton of looks into the new monster, but it also gave us insight into the potential friendship between Eleven and Max this season. Of course, fans rejoiced and took to Twitter to express their excitement. 

When Max came to Hawkins from California in season 2, she and Eleven weren’t exactly BFFs. The two were the only girls in the group, but they just couldn’t get along. This most likely stemmed from the fact that Eleven instantly became jealous of Max whenever she saw Max talking to Mike alone. It was the female fighting another female over a guy trope that no one was here for, TBH. But based on the trailer, the powerhouse females of the show seem to be in a better place now.

And Stranger Things fans are all for this on Twitter. 


Iconic Duo Alert

The friendship I've been waiting for the last two seasons...


We don't stan the hate in this relationship.

They're actually friendship goals.

Someone hand us a box of tissues because this friendship is too cute.

TBH, I ship it.


Only positive female relationships allowed Netflix.

If you need me, I'm currently quaking with excitement.

*ugly cries*


I can't wait to see this friends in action, and you can see how it blossom when the season premieres on July 4. Check out the trailer down below:

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