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We Just Found THE Cutest, Coziest Apparel & We're Debating Ever Wearing Anything Else Again


Finding the perfect harmony of style, comfort and quality while shopping for clothes can feel, well, pretty impossible. A top might be stylish, but can I stand to wear it for more than 3 hours without wanting to swap it for a hoodie? On top of this, since it's 2019 and sustainability has never been more important, I've been taking a closer look at the kind of brands and companies I'm buying from. Making sure that I'm putting my support behind brands that are sustainable and ethical in either their materials or manufacturing has become super important to me. So, I kept asking myself the question, "what kind of miracle needs to happen for me to find products that hit all of these checkpoints?"  

Well, perhaps I've been #blessed with a miracle, because when the HC editors found Project Social T, I was thrilled about trying their pieces. This Los Angeles brand, committed to creating comfy, chic and durable product, quickly became one of our faves here at HC for checking off all four of those checkboxes (being comfort, style, sustainability and quality).

Finding new cozy clothes is always ultra-exciting to me, but after learning more about Project Social T's mission and sustainable manufacturing, I fell in love with the brand. Right now, Project Social T is partnering with the Children's Hospital Los Angeles and their #MakeMarchMatter campaign, donating $5 per purchase, up to a total $15,000 donation. Plus, their entire manufacturing process is done right in their LA headquarters — Project Social T understands the importance of using and supporting local vendors, dye houses and designers to create the quality product. Yup, they're oh-so sustainable.

When the HC editors finally got a hold of their products, we literally couldn't wait to go home and assemble a whole 'fit around them. Here's how we ended up styling our top picks from Project Social T:

Edel, Assistant Video Editor, in the Ramone Cozy-Rib Wrap Top

"This top has become one of my favorite pieces in my closet. I’m a person who loves OOTDs — some may say I've never repeated an outfit — and not only is it comfortable, but totally trendy. I can see myself creating an array of looks with it. I can see myself wearing this to work, running errands, going out basically any occasion you can think of. It really is versatile for any lifestyle."

"I wouldn’t even know where to start with the comfy and cozy level of these pieces. They went beyond my expectations. I got so many compliments on how cute my outfit was and it didn’t even feel like I was wearing sweats."

"Don't get me wrong — as a recent grad, affordability is something that is at the forefront of my buying decisions when it comes to clothing. I’m an avid clearance shopper. However, if a brands message and mission is something I believe in, I don't mind spending a little extra on the item especially if it’s a quality product. I love when brands practice corporate social responsibility and it always feels great supporting a brand that's very true to who they are."

Gina, Beauty Editor, in the Wild Heart Rib Tank 

"These pieces made me feel so cozy, but also so fancy. Like, I can wear these to lounge around on my couch and snack all day, but I can also throw them on with a jean jacket and boots and wear them out like a cool-girl athleisure influencer."

"My shirt had this flirty little choker collar on it, and I felt v trendy and cool when I put it on. It made my loungewear aspirational. Like even if I was laying around the whole day, someone would still compliment my outfit."

"Fast fashion is not my fave, so the thought and sustainability that goes into Project Social T is really important to me, and I’d definitely prioritize them over other places I shop because I’m a huge fan of the messaging. Plus, these pieces are all so high quality — you can feel it in the make of the clothes, and I think that shows brands like this are worth investing in."

Felicity, Assistant Editor, in the Solo Cozy Hoodie

"Okay, so these pieces looked super cozy online, but once I actually got to hold them I was in complete awe. Like, have my hands ever felt anything this soft in my life? TBH, probably not. Most definitely tempted to wear these 24/7 because they’re that comfortable, which is 100% acceptable since they’re totally on-trend."
"I could definitely elevate the pieces or dress them down in a matter of seconds, so they would 100% fit in with every and any occasion in my life. My Solo Cozy Hoodie can be taken to the next level with a chic leather jacket and statement resin earrings. On the other hand, I can throw this on over my gym clothes and achieve an effortlessly cute and cozy on my way to a spin class. Additionally, the colors of the pieces are also totally on-trend with this season, from warm cream shades to red accents we’ve been seeing on the runway."

"It’s always so amazing to see a brand stepping up and committing a portion of their company to give back to a community. Seeing Project Social T donate to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles is incredible and I’d much rather spend a few extra dollars to a company that has aligning values to mine. Additionally, it feels good to know what I’m wearing has been ethically sourced and manufactured — I can definitely tell a difference in the quality of the Project Social T pieces from other fast fashion pieces I own."

Project Social T proves that you don't have to sacrifice comfort or style for a sustainable product, which is a standard I'm going to hold onto for all of my future style purchases. While it's a little hard for me to splurge as a recent grad on items that aren't my rent or credit card bill, I'll say that treating yourself every now and then to quality, sustainable style brands that support their local community is most definitely worth it.

Want to win product and a gift card from Project Social T? Enter our giveaway on @HerCampusStyle! 

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