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The Most Instagram-Worthy Beauty Stores You Need To Visit in NYC


Online shopping in college is both a luxury and a struggle. It's nice to drop coins from the comfort of your bed, but also, that means less opportunity to swatch and play with products IRL. Anybody ever ordered the wrong shade of foundation in an online purchase? Same. There's just nothing like going to a *real* beauty store – and what's even more exciting is visiting a flagship location, because they're usually extra and so Instagram-worthy. 

New York City is already known for stunning exhibits and showroom presentations, but it's also the homebase for tons of amazing cosmetic retailers. So whether you already live in the city or are planning what to see for an upcoming vacay, I definitely recommend these exciting flagship stores to shop and spice up your feed at. 

Glossier's Flagship

This massive showroom space was designed with Glossier diehards in mind, so you can hang with life-size Boy Brow and get all the ASMR Cloud Paint feels. But, it's also a totally effortless shopping experience! Whatever you want to buy will be finalized at checkout to become an online purchase, with the products being shipped directly home to you.  

It's the perfect place to play with beauty products, take awesome photos, and continue to fangirl this famous brand. 

Bite Beauty's Lip Lab



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If lipstick is your moon and stars, then this is a must-see on your NYC beauty tour. Once you walk into the Bite Beauty lab, you're surrounded by pigments and shades that instantly inspire a creative vibe.

When you visit, book an appointment in advance to create your own ~custom lipstick~, right down to its finish and shade. Talk about a bucket list item! 

Benefit's SoHo Boutique 



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Benefit's boutique in SoHo is a pink lover's dream and totally worth popping into. The whole place has a really good vintage childhood bedroom feeling, because you can shop Benefit's array of products while sitting down at a vanity table to play. Plus, you can still get the full array of usual brow services at this location as well! 

Are you feeling totally inspired? Make sure to visit these retailers on your next adventure in the big city! 

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