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We're Shopping These 5 Women-Led Style Brands in Honor of International Women's Day


March is now in full swing — can you believe it (TBH, we can't). While we scramble around for midterm exams and spring break, these next few weeks mean a whole lot more than that, especially for the ladies. It's Women's History Month! We're celebrating womanhood all month and we're hella excited, to say the least. And what better way to honor the month than to support businesses owned and founded by badass women?

The fashion industry is seemingly dominated by men, but we most definitely need to show up and show out for our girls in the industry this month (and every other month if we're being real). To get you in the spirit, here are five woman-run brands that you're going to absolutely love — each company brings something special to the game, so prepare to fall in love and spend your money on a good freakin' cause.

1. Valfré 

Ilse Valfré founded the brand only six years ago and yet it has already gone global. As an artist, Valfré incorporates her psychedelic artwork with her products. She presents an "edgy, unique, experimental, yet very wearable" aesthetic, according to Valfré. We're all about it! I mean, a jacket with a houndstooth pattern AND pink faux fur details? We're sold.

2. Farai

A Brooklyn-based and self-named lifestyle label, Farai launched by fashion executive Farai Simoyi, a powerhouse woman in the style industry who's graced the pages of Forbes and Essence. She works with African professionals to break away from trends and to create sustainable products. We stan a sustainable and stylish brand, y'all. Also, anyone else dying to get their hands on this crocheted bag?!

3. band.o

You thought band.o was just for planners? No way.  band.o's founder Jen Gotch is a creative powerhouse and our inspo for all things vibrant and joyous, including to-die-for apparel and accessories. The brand's aim is simple — to make products that make people happy (and couldn't we all use a *little* more happiness in our lives?). TBH, the aim is definitely working because we're SO loving this checkered romper.

4. Llani

Llani is a globally inspired shoe label focusing on all-things comfort and chic. This bold brand was created and founded by the amazing Alana Oates, who works directly with craftsmen and women from India to bring her delicate and elegant works to life. The name was actually Oates's childhood nickname — how adorable, right? Coming this spring, Llani will be releasing the actual prettiest satin slides I've ever seen. 


To those who are more into the minimalist vibe, you're going to fall in love with ADAY. The clothing line is "technical, seasonless, [and] sustainable." Yes, we can wear the clothes throughout the year. It's bringing a whole new meaning to wardrobe staples. Check out this shirt dress that you can wear either frontward or backward (how effing innovative). Bonus points: the cutest pup hangs around ADAY's showroom in NYC!

Female empowerment is the only trend that will never go out of style. Girls supporting girls is what we would like to see a lot more this year. If you're looking to add more items to your closet, don't forget these women-led brands that we're personal fangirlinging over. 

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